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Posted on: April 6, 2017 | By: Christina Bonds | Filed under: Data & Identity, Info Security

Digital Spring CleaningJust as our lives can get cluttered with physical stuff, our digital lives can also benefit from some spring cleaning. Use the tips below to help clear your devices and make sure you are still using secure online practices.

TIP #1 Remove unused apps

“Clean” your mobile devices by deleting unused apps. Not only do they consume storage, they also clutter your screen.  For apps you do use make sure they are up to date and review their permissions.

TIP #2Use a password manager

Too many passwords to remember? Consider using a password manager like LastPass to store your passwords. Password managers store your passwords and can generate new passwords that are long and more secure.  Allowing the manager to remember your passwords encourages different passwords for each of your accounts because you don’t have to remember them all.  Visit www.lastpass.com/elon for more information.

TIP #3Clean email inbox

Is your inbox filling up? Unsubscribe to emails, newsletters, and updates you no longer need.  Save the time it takes to scroll through the emails you know you are never going to read.

TIP #4 – Change default passwords

Change any default passwords for devices like home routers and smart TVs.  Read this article for more information on the importance of changing default passwords

TIP #5 – Remove old files

Delete old files including outdated financial statements that are no longer needed.  These files may be on your devices or in a cloud service like DropBox, OneDrive, or Google Drive.

TIP #6Review social media policies

Take control of your online presence by reviewing privacy policies and settings to make sure you understand what is being shared and with whom.  Use the following links to review privacy polices from several social media sites.

Twitter privacy policy

Facebook privacy policy

Instagram privacy policy

Pinterest privacy policy

WhatsApp privacy policy

TIP #7Create long passwords

Strong passwords are long passwords. Consider using a phrase as your password such as the lyric to a song.

TIP #8Review social media friends

Review online relationships. Are all your social network friends still your friends? Make sure you recognize everyone in your friends circle and unfriend those who do not belong.

TIP #9Backup data

Backup important data to a secure cloud site or other external storage media.  Syncplicity and OneDrive are two examples of places to keep backup data.

TIP #10Delete old emails

Emails can pile up quickly.  Delete emails you no longer need and empty the trash folder often.  For emails that need to be kept, consider moving them to an archive.


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Christina Bonds

Christina Bonds, CISSP, is an Application Developer at Elon University

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