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This episode takes a deeper look at the relationship between racial stereotyping and cyberbullying, particularly in how it differs from physical bullying and the challenges of recognizing the signs of it happening to girls of color.

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NaShonda  Bender-Cooke

Public Education Advocate

NaShonda Bender-Cooke is a 19 year veteran of North Carolina’s Public Schools. She has been in the classroom as a special education and general education teacher. Tracing her family history back to eight generations of teachers, education has always been a top priority. The oldest of 5 children in a single mother household encouraged her to do her best in school and follow her family’s tradition of becoming an educator. She received her Master’s from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and became a National Board Certified Teacher. Her proudest moments are when the students return to invite her to their high school graduations. Currently serving as Vice-Chair to NC’s Governor, Roy Cooper’s Teacher Advisory Council, Ms. Bender-Cooke lives in Raleigh with her two daughters, Victoria and Na’Via.

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