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This episode brings us a perspective for hope and resilience for Black and Brown Girls & Women, as well as how policies and organizational structures shape the focus on resilience for Black and Brown girls & women.

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Lisheema Barr

Project Coordinator, ACEs Resilience in Wake Initiative, Advocates for Health in Action

Lisheema Barr is the Project Coordinator of the ACEs Resilience Initiative with Advocates for Health in Action, in Raleigh, NC. In this position, Lisheema coordinates, the community-driven movement around preventing future Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and building resilience for those who have experienced trauma.

“My best life is one where the work I do ensures a better quality of life for others, and more children grow up happy and healthy,” Lisheema said.

She is an experienced educator, having received awards for her work with at-risk populations during her time as a middle-school science teacher. Lisheema has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology, and is currently a Master’s of Public Administration candidate at University of North Carolina—with concentrations in Public Health and International Relations. Lisheema is also a facilitator of the child sexual abuse prevention program, Darkness to Light.

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