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A closing statement about the project and summary of emerging themes within the narratives.

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Carmen Monico, PhD, MSW, MS

Assistant Professor of Human Service Studies at Elon University

Dr. Mónico teaches courses with a global perspective and in international settings. At Elon University, she has taught undergraduate courses on the Art and Science of Human Service, Working with Groups and Communities, International Human Services, Guatemala Practicum, Global Violence Against Women, Global Experience (Global Civil Society and Youth Engagement), and Human Trafficking. She incorporated global dimensions in core human service courses, such as Arts and Sciences of Human Services, and Working with Groups and Communities. She has mentored over 25 students to conduct research on sexual assault, migration, human trafficking, and selfcare. Her dissertation research, of which she just published a book in Spanish, is on child protection and child welfare systems in Guatemala. She has published on civic engagement, global migration, and human trafficking. Her scholarship involves serving as an international expert and conducting research and teaching in Guatemala with the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, as a U.S. Fulbright Scholar. She taught a PhD-level course on advanced qualitative research methods. She has presented at national and international conferences and seminars, and in numerous educational events at Elon. Dr. Mónico has also conducted teaching and learning research on Elon community engagement and human service delivery in various settings.

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