Volume 26 Issue 2 2017

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Issue 2 – October 2017 Holly Brueggman, Elon University Editor’s Note & Foreword Papers Sophia N. Zupanc, Ohio State University The Relationship Between State Economic Growth and Renewable Portfolio Standards in the United States: A Panel Causality Analysis Shikha Chivukula, American University The Effect of Racial Identity on Labor Productivity in the United States Ken Crew, Elon University Congestion Makes It Harder to Breathe: Do High-occupancy Toll Lanes Reduce Emissions? Francesca Orrico, American University The Agencies on Junk Sovereign Debt: The Impact of Credit Rating Agencies on Junk Sovereign Debt Julia Copperwheat, Johanna Swab, Emma Winiski, Furman University The Effect of Socioeconomic and Racial Diversity on Elementary Student Test Performance Annie Ray, Elon University Wage Discrimination in Germany Between Turkish Immigrants and German Natives: An Empirical Analysis of Labor Market Outcomes of Turkish Immigrants Christine Yee, Smith College Is Inflation Targeting Harmful for Economic Growth in Emerging Market and Developing…

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Volume 26 Issue 1 2017

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Issue 1 – May 2017 Holly Brueggman, Elon University Editor’s Note & Foreword Papers Brendan Moore, Columbia University The Asymmetric Effects of Corporate Tax Changes on Employment Ameya Deepak Benegal, Elon University The Effects of Armed Conflict on the Incidence Rates of Infectious Diseases Trent Davis, Washington State University International Trade and the Eurozone: A Gravity Model Study Shea Feehan, Hartwick College Contributions of the Poll Gap Dawid Sawicki, University of St Andrews (UK) The Impact of European Integration on Income Inequality in the Eurozone Economies Dmytro Bogatov, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Analysis of a Dynamic Voluntary Contribution Mechanism Public Good Game Jakub Zagdanski, Durham University (UK) National Statistics: Modern Practices and Influence on Fiscal and Monetary Policy Sara Omohundro, Butler University Effects of Fiscal Policy on Consumer Confidence

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Volume 25 July 2016

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Rob Wimberly, University of Mary Washington Note from the Editor & Foreword Papers James Gamble, University of Missouri Measuring the Effect of Capital Punishment on Murder Deterrence William Scollay Kenyon, Elon University Effects of European Colonization on Former Colonies Growth Rate Dirk Jasperse, Minnesota State University Moorhead Evaluating the Impact of Library Childrens’ Program Attendance on Circulation of Library Materials Jhoan Esteban Osorno, Siena College Not All Drug Consumers Become Addicts: An Application of the Neuroeconomic Drift Diffusion Model Lauren Gabbard, Northern Kentucky University Enhancing Student Learning at the Principles Level Using Undergraduate Teaching Assistance

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Volume 24 July 2015

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Jordan Grover & Jennifer Smith, Elon Univeristy Note from the Editors & Foreword Papers Emily Ellis, American University Understanding Wage Determination for Behaviorally Gay and Lesbian People: The Effect of Masculinity Traits Kevin Roberts, Davidson College Knowledge Spillovers and Entrepreneurial Activity: An Agent-Based Approach to Modeling Schumpeterian Growth for Developing Countries Michael Bassett, American University The Impact of Major Choice on Earnings: A Longitudinal Study  Jessica Perregaux, St. Lawrence University Cost Elasticity of Remittances from Senegalese Migrants in Europe Leonardo Pedicelli, American University Long-Term Guaranteed Contracts in the NBA: A Case for Moral Hazard

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Volume 23 July 2014

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Taylor Knight, University of Mary Washington Note from the Editor & Foreword Papers Duc Tran, Brandeis University “The U.S. Fiscal Stimulus and the Sustainability of International Capital Flows:  An Empirical Analysis” Daniel Schwindt, Wake Forest University “The Effects of Political Crises Events on the Venezuelan Bolívar” Richard H. Beem Jr., West Chester University of Pennsylvania “Residential Mortgage Delinquency Rates: The Determinants of Default” Garret Issac Mann, Elon University “Middle East Miracle:  Are Recent High Levels of Growth Sustainable?” Lukas La Riviere, Warren Wilson College “Towards a Constructivist International Political Economy of Climate Change”

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Volume 22 July 2013

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EMILY PLANTE, Elon University Note from the Editor & Foreword PAPERS Jae Bradley, Bowdoin College Creating and Testing a Production Function for Olympic Medals Paul Mack & Tyler McWilliam, Loyola University Chicago Determinants of Residential Heating and Cooling Energy Consumption Raahil Madhok, McGill University Reservation Policy and Criminal Behavior in India: The Link Between Political Reservation and Atrocities Against Scheduled Castes and Tribes Justin Lewis, Tulane University Veiled Waters: Examining the Jones Act’s Consumer Welfare Effect Daniel Nellis, Grinnell College Measuring the Change in Effectiveness of Quantitative Easing Jack Nuland & Justin Ingram, St. Lawrence University The Pursuit of Increased Human Capital:Who’s Going to College, and Why?

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Volume 21 July 2012

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PATRICK MAREK, University of Mary Washington Note from the Editor & Foreword PAPERS DANIYAL KHAN, Lahore University of Management Sciences Heilbroner and Weber: The Crisis of Vision in Economics and the Potential of Weberian Sociology and Science YUAN MEI, Trinity College Is Consumption in the United States Influenced by Income Inequality? A Cointegration Analysis DANIEL SEXTON, Stonehill College The Impact of Political Parties on Education Quality MICHAEL T. JACKSON, Catholic University of America Determinants of Out-of-State Tuition at Public Universities in the United States: A Comprehensive Model TYLER ZODA, Elon University Can Football Buy Smarter Students?: The Effect of Athletic Spending on Football Championship Subdivision Academic Institutions

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Volume 20 July 2011

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KEVIN SHERIDAN, Elon University Note from the Editor & Foreword PAPERS NICHOLAS A. FETT, West Chester University The Effect of Monetary Policy on Real Growth Cycles JEFFREY M. GOUGH, Bellarmine University Determinants of the U.S. Household Saving Rate: An Econometric Analysis JORDAN LIZ, Hartwick College The Effect of Technology on Development STEPHANIE FRANZ, Elon University The Effects of Gas Prices on Single Mothers’ Time Use HAU NGUYEN, St. Lawrence University Natural Resources: A Blessing or a Curse? FEI LIU, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law An invisible arm of Chinese government: Why State-Owned Commercial Banks Pushed Reflation?

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Volume 19 July 2010

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ANDREW GODBURN, University of Mary Washington Note from the Editor & Foreword PAPERS KEVIN C. GARLAN, College of Mount Saint Vincent Migrant Worker Remittance Payments: Targeting the Determinants of Resiliency TRAVIS R. OWENS and MARTIN G. SAROV, St. Lawrence University Determinants of Consumer Attitudes Towards E-commerce JORDAN RHODES, Trinity College The Suitability of Accession Countries in the Euro Area TRAVISS CASSIDY, Georgetown University How Foreign Aid Affects Terrorism: Studying the Channel of Social Spending INES QUINTANA, West Chester University A Study of the Cross-state Effects of Smoking Bans on Gaming Revenues: The Delaware / New Jersey Experience HAL MARTIN, Elon University Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights: Estimating the Optimal Level of Enforcing Patent Protection

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Volume 18 July 2009

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DREA DORROW, Elon University Note from the Editor & Foreword PAPERS RICOARDO FERNANDO SILVA, University of Aveiro, Portugal Business Cycle Association and Synchronization in Europe: a Descriptive Review   STEPHANIE A. RZEPKA, University of Mary Washington Asymmetric Information in the Market for Thoroughbred Yearlings STEFKA ANTONOVA and MIHNEA TUDOREANU, St. Lawrence University The Effects of a Raised Minimum Wage on Employment: Differences across States and Social Groups IVAN BALBUZANOV, Colby College Searching for Evidence of Boy-Girl Discrimination in Household Expenditure Data: Evidence from Gansu Province, China CLAIRE LUNIESKI, American University Commodity Price Volatility and Monetary Policy Uncertainty: A GARCH Estimation DEEPAK SARASWAT, Kirorimal College, University of Delhi Towards a Sustainable Growth Story: Critical Analysis of Fundamentals

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