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Issue 1 – May 2019

Kira Hughes & Katelyn Roache, Elon University
Editors Note and Foreward


Elias Nicholson, Hood College
Regulation and Discrimination: Race and Interest Rate Mark-Ups in the Auto Loan Industry

Anna M. Buxengard, Cierra E. Von Bergen, Cooper R. Wood, and Ty A. Smith, University of Sioux Falls
Socioeconomic Status and Infant Development

Austin Botelho, Lafayette College
The Short End of the Stick: Income Inequality and Populist Sentiment in Europe

Dhivesh Dadlani, Harvard University
The Determinants of Nationalism and The Effect of Conscription on National Pride

Luz Regina Mendoza, Elon University
The Impact of Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) on South Sudanese Refugees and Ugandan Citizens in Northern Uganda

Paul Yoon, Nino Kodua, MiaoMiao Xu, Furman University
The Effect of Terrorism on Foreign Direct Investment Inflows: A Cross-Country Analysis Over Time


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