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Issue 2 – October 2018

Parker Coon, University of Mary Washington
Editor’s Note & Foreword


Natalia Kreciglowa, Smith College
Impacts of Infrastructure Spending on Interstate Migration: Empirical Evidence over Eleven Years

Ann Furbush, Stonehill College  
The Effects of Paternity Leave on Women’s Labor Market Outcomes

Nathaniel Edenfield, American University
Resource Curse in Appalachia: Entrepreneurship and Coal Dependence

Sydney Treiman, West Chester University
Retention Rates at West Chester University: A Study on Retaining First Year, First Semester Students at West Chester University

Benjamin Hartman, Sophia Amoo-Gottfried, Furman University
Gender Differences in the Pecuniary Returns to Cumulative Job Mobility

Paul Jaworski, West Chester University
Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Net Income of UnitedHealth Group, Anthem Inc., and Centene Corp.


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