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Issue 1 – May 2017

Holly Brueggman, Elon University
Editor’s Note & Foreword


Brendan Moore, Columbia University
The Asymmetric Effects of Corporate Tax Changes on Employment

Ameya Deepak Benegal, Elon University
The Effects of Armed Conflict on the Incidence Rates of Infectious Diseases

Trent Davis, Washington State University
International Trade and the Eurozone: A Gravity Model Study

Shea Feehan, Hartwick College
Contributions of the Poll Gap

Dawid Sawicki, University of St Andrews (UK)
The Impact of European Integration on Income Inequality in the Eurozone Economies

Dmytro Bogatov, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Analysis of a Dynamic Voluntary Contribution Mechanism Public Good Game

Jakub Zagdanski, Durham University (UK)
National Statistics: Modern Practices and Influence on Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Sara Omohundro, Butler University
Effects of Fiscal Policy on Consumer Confidence

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