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Note from the Editor & Foreword, LINDSEY CONLEY, Elon University


OLGA SOROKINA, Denison University
Executive Compensation: The Case of Liberal Arts College Presidents

KRISTEN E. COLLETT, Bellarmine University
The Relative Effectiveness of Tax Policy When Considering Mitigating Factors Influencing Tobacco Consumption of American Youth

REBECCA NELSON, Mary Washington College
Student Efficiency: A study on the Behavior and Productive Efficiency of College Students and the Determinants of GPA

E. CATESBY BECK, Mary Washington College
Are Consumers More Interested In Financing Incentives or Price Reductions?

The Rise and Fall of Technology and the Business Cycle

TIM GOTTGETREU, Mary Washington College
Wholly Altruistic Systems Derived from Quasi-Altruistic Agents: An Evolutionary Study

NICOLE COOMER, Bellarmine University
America’s Underclass and Crime: The Influence of Macroeconomic Factors

RACHEL UNGERER, Mary Washington College
The Effect of the Stock Market on Consumer Spending: October, 1990 – April, 2002

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