Volume 10 July 2001

Note from the Editor, JULIANNE TREME and HEATHER WINNOR, Elon University

Foreward, JAMES AHEARN, Elon University


DAVID FRANK, Iona College
To Switch or not to Switch: An Examination of Consumer Behavior in the Credit Card Industry

PETER BOGARDI, ANDREW KNUDSEN, and CAREY SCHILDT, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Swedosclerosis or Psuedosclerosis?

JESSICA AL-BANNA, Elon University
Maternal Employment and Scholastic Achievement: Evidence from North Carolina

MEGHAN BISHOP, Mary Washington College
Credit Spending and its Implications for Recent Economic Growth

EMILY POLITO, Trinity College
Is the Forward Exchange Rate a Useful Indicator of the Future Spot Exchange Rate?

RUOGU HUANG, Nankai University, China
The Myth of Preferential Trade Arrangements: Are PTAs Good for Global Free Trade?