Volume 15 July 2006

Note from the Editor & Foreword, MARIE FUNK, University of Mary Washington


SCOTT SHACKLEFORD, Indiana University
Nuclear Power: The Nucleus of Energy Independence? An Analysis of International Energy Policy 

MICHAEL KOSLOW, Elon University
The Effects of Non-Participatory Characteristics: The Case of Lift Tickets

MICHAEL KNERR, Villanova University
A Multilateral Approach to Pelagic- Fishery Decimation 

ELIZABETH ELZER, University of Mary Washington
Unemployment and Okun’s Law in the United States, 1948-2005

ALI WYNE, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Economic Freedom as the Foundation of Societal Advancement: A Case Study of Hong Kong’s and India’s Divergent Growth Paths from 1965 to 1990

KATHLEEN NIPLE, Elon University
Are We Ricardian? Evidence from U.S. Counties

NATHAN HURET, Elon University
Parental Pressures, Perpetuating the Problem of Income Inequality