McEwen Nears Completion

DSC_2237 copy

We’re moving back into McEwen Communications Building early next month, but here’s a sneak peak of the renovations. Just wait until you see all of the facility’s new glass, which opens up the main floor – and the second floor. The two most notable updates upstairs include renovations to McEwen 213, the second-floor conference room, and the repositioned 205 classroom. Goodbye, awkward computer lab layout!

DSC_2258 copy

DSC_2264 copy

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Where the Sidewalk Begins

IMG_7836 copy

We couldn’t resist the play on words and subtle reference to Shel Silverstein’s amusing children’s book. While construction crews are hard at work indoors in Steers Pavilion, Schar Hall and McEwen Communications Building, bricklayers are also making progress on the many new sidewalks and pathways around campus. Here’s the new path leading from West Hall south toward Schar Hall.

IMG_7833 copy

Here’s a look from the back of Whitley Auditorium looking toward Snow Family Grand Atrium.

IMG_7832 copy

Lastly, bricklayers have started work on a brick sidewalk on the south side of Schar Hall, facing Lebanon Avenue and the train tracks.

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Taking It All In

Schar Hall from Under the Oaks

Every once in awhile, you need to step back and take it all in. Thanks to Jaleh Hagigh, director of campaign communications and events, for capturing this mid-July photograph of Dwight C. Schar Hall’s progress.

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Daily Changes


For those who pass by the Schar Hall and Steer Pavilion construction sites on a daily basis, it’s possible to overlook the many changes going on each day. But today’s work definitely caught our attention. First, crews started window installation on Steers Pavilion, beginning on the north side facing Whitley Auditorium.


For construction novices, we’ve long wondered when crews might add shingles to Schar Hall’s roof. We don’t have to wait any longer.


Lastly, bricklayers have initiated work on the walkway and colonnade that will connect old (Long Building) and new (Steers Pavilion).

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Citrone Plaza, McEwen Take Shape

DSC_2202 copy

With the ongoing progress of Dwight C. Schar Hall, Steers Pavilion, Snow Family Grand Atrium and McEwen Communications Building, it’s possible to overlook Citrone Plaza, which will soon merge the School of Communications’ new and existing facilities. Behind the blue fencing along Williamson Avenue, the plaza has started to take shape thanks to a team of bricklayers. The plaza will be an attractive entrance bridging the school and the downtown community.

As we found out during a July 6 tour, there’s plenty to see elsewhere. Check out this 65-image gallery highlighting the latest changes.

LEFT: Windows have been installed in Schar Hall’s second-floor conference room. CENTER: Concrete has been poured for a new walkway leading from West Hall to Schar Hall. RIGHT: Workers continue to prep McEwen for its new studio windows.


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McEwen Renovations Nearing Halfway Point

DSC_1959 copy

While our students might be elsewhere this summer, work has certainly continued in McEwen Communications Building. In fact, as of last week, the contractor said the renovation project was nearing its midpoint.

During a June 28 tour of the building, the smell of new carpet, fresh paint and cut bath tiles hung in the air. What drew most of the visitors’ attention, however, were the many new office spaces, relocated interior entryways and the removed walls in what was formerly Studio B – see above. Here’s a photo gallery to give you a look at the ongoing renovations

DSC_1965 copy

One of McEwen’s relocated entryways leads into the building’s expanded editing suites – notice that it’s a double-door entrance now.

DSC_1984 copy

Here’s a look down McEwen’s second-floor hallway, which received new carpeting and painted classroom doors.

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A Peak Inside Steers

While passersby can easily see the exterior progress of Steers Pavilion – with bricklayers hard at work – here’s a look at what’s going on inside the walls. The above two images are two perspectives of the front of the facility, which faces Whitley Auditorium. Our first impression? We look forward to the abundant amount of natural light in the building’s lounge and entry.

The above images highlight the west side of the building, which faces Dwight C. Schar Hall. The photo on the left looks toward Lebanon Avenue, through the yet-to-be-constructed bathrooms. The right image, taken from one of the building’s four faculty offices, looks north back at Whitley.

Forgive us for saving the best image for the last group. The left picture takes you inside the classroom housed in the center of the building. This is the future perspective of a student sitting in the back right of the lab, looking toward the instructor. The right image looks similar to an earlier picture, but is actually the rear of the building, looking out onto Lebanon Avenue.



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Bird’s Eye View


Talk about a “Wow” image! The above photograph, first posted by Elon University’s Twitter account, circulated on social media today. It’s exciting to see the many additions and renovations coming to the School of Communications over the next few weeks and months.

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Brickwork Begans on Steers Pavilion


With the ongoing construction of Schar Hall and the renovations taking place in McEwen this summer it’s possible to overlook the progress at Steers Pavilion. But passersby will notice the 7,300-square-foot facility reached a new stage this week: brickwork. Bricklayers began building the exterior wall on the northwest corner of the building, which sits across from the front of Whitley Auditorium.

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A View of Williamson Avenue

The renovation of McEwen Communications Building is proceeding at an “impressive pace,” according to Communications Dean Paul Parsons. As of late last week, an opening has been made in Studio B for 40-plus feet of windows. The above images, courtesy of Associate Professor Vic Costello, are a before-and-after look from inside Studio B.

What was the before-and-after view from outside the building? Glad you asked. You might recognize the dean in the hard hat.


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