Work Ethic & Family Help —Alamance County, NC, public official— But our country, if we don’t straighten it up fiscally, there’s going to be more people that need real help, and we ain’t going to be able to pay it.  … Continue reading

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Eddie Boswell

Stigma about Food Aid —Alamance County, NC, politician— Like I say, some people just would do anything not to do it [accept government assistance] because it just feels like they’re less than what they should be is pretty much it.  … Continue reading

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Tim Sutton

Alamance County Commissioner Tim Sutton.
My wife and I had two boys and she had a daughter, my step-daughter. My wife did not work ever until I lost a job, the job at the bank. I wanted her home with the kids and we sacrificed a lot of our material gains, but as a family, we were a better family unit. My mother never worked. I never knew my mother to have a job. And years ago, the wives and the mothers were home. Every mother in my neighborhood when I was a kid in Virginia and Alabama was home. Nobody worked.

My wife and I, we qualified for reduced lunches at our kids’ schools, and I was shocked that I did… Continue reading

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