Limits on Food Stamps

—Maryland, cashier—

People came in with WIC forms, which I’m not exactly sure what those are but they can get certain items, and then other people come in with food stamps and they can also only buy certain items that are on the food stamps list.  And if they go beyond that list, then they have to pay themselves. so that’s what I dealt with. I don’t remember specific conversations, but I do remember checking people out and one of them being frustrated that they couldn’t go beyond that list.

There was this one woman, and she was a regular at our grocery store and she always would go through my line. And no one would want to take her because she would always have more items than she could have with food stamps, and we’d have to take stuff back because she couldn’t buy that stuff.

Katie is an Elon University student originally from Maryland and has worked as a grocery cashier as well a volunteer at the Open Door Clinic. She is Caucasian in her early twenties and was interviewed by Jamie Albright on October 24, 2012.

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