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Overthrowing the Queen

Overthrowing the Queen: Telling Stories of Welfare in America Research from the “Voices of Welfare” project is captured in a new book In 1976, Ronald Reagan hit the campaign trail with an extraordinary account of a woman committing massive welfare … Continue reading

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Broken Hip but No Benefits —Alamance County, NC, aid recipient— I was trying to get social security one time. I should still be able to get it. I broke my hip 2004. That’s four screws, two bolts and a plate. … Continue reading

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Work Ethic & Family Help —Alamance County, NC, public official— But our country, if we don’t straighten it up fiscally, there’s going to be more people that need real help, and we ain’t going to be able to pay it.  … Continue reading

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Limits on Food Stamps —Maryland, cashier— People came in with WIC forms, which I’m not exactly sure what those are but they can get certain items, and then other people come in with food stamps and they can also only … Continue reading

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Judgment in the Grocery Line —Alamance County, NC, grocery cashier— It’s something that I’ve heard about. And with certain students, I’ll joke about it with them about it or just a particular co-worker, that she’ll come and go like, “This … Continue reading

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“Helping the Youth” —New York resident, cashier— I don’t really talk about this poverty or public assistance with other people. The only exception would be with a small group from church. We have worked with a Kindergarten class in an … Continue reading

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Alamance County, NC. Aid provider.
Health Success Story
We had one patient that when she first came, I think she weighed 70-something pounds. She has diabetes, severe diabetes. And now I think she weighs 130 pounds. She’s doing great. And I always tell her that she looks great. She’s living in the Burlington housing. Continue reading

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