Work Ethic & Family Help

—Alamance County, NC, public official—

But our country, if we don’t straighten it up fiscally, there’s going to be more people that need real help, and we ain’t going to be able to pay it.  We’re not going to be able to pay it.  There won’t be money to pay it.  In order to get our house in order, we’ve got to do better with our society, with people that need help, people who probably…Look, it’s like when you’re out of work, how easy it is to say, “God I’ve tried everywhere.  I can’t find a job.”  You get lazy.  You literally get lazy with it.

Now my son was out of work here for two months here, and he moved to Texas with his girlfriend, fiancée. And they got down there, and it just wasn’t what they thought. They came back, and he’d quit a job that he’d been on for like seven years.  He quit it, and when he came back, he couldn’t find nothing for two months.  I told him, I said, “Don’t go a day without doing something no matter how small you think it is.  Don’t go a single day without doing something.” And it was funny.  He got a job here the other day after two months, and I bankrolled the whole move back.  I had to buy furniture for them, get them in a place, give them money, thousands and thousands of dollars. But he’s my son, and I said, “If you go back to Texas, if she takes off and goes to Texas and you follow her,” I said “don’t ever call me again.”  I laughed, but he basically knows I mean it, too.  I said, “This is your one bail out right here.”  I’d do it again, but I ain’t going to tell him. But he got a job, and the day they called him for that job, he was at a job interview at another company.  He hustled.

And we’ve got to do a better job of helping people get in the job market.  We need to encourage a better family life.

“Bob” is a public official in North Carolina. He is Caucasian, in his late sixties, and was interviewed in the fall, 2012.
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