Takeaways from National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2017

Posted on: October 26, 2017 | By: Amanda Lenz | Filed under: Info Security, Online Safety Tips

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Every October, businesses, organizations, and individuals from around the work come together and participate in National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) to promote online safety and cyber security awareness. This month, Elon’s Office of Information Technology has worked together to help make online safety approachable and accessible with weekly cyber security articles and quick tips for staying safe online.

Here are the main takeaways from each week of NCSAM:

Cyber Security 101

A major theme in this year’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month included sharing that it is not difficult to stay safe from the threat of cyber attacks. Throughout the month, we highlighted simple tips for keeping your information safe on the web, including how to create strong passwords, learning to spot email scams, and how to regularly backup your device.

Creating a Culture of Cyber Security in the Workplace

There are many ways for hackers to steal data in the workplace which we brought to light in Week 2 of NCSAM. For example, sharing information online over an unsecure WiFi network or leaving your computer unlocked while away can compromise the privacy of your personal information. However, there are many ways for you, as an employee, to protect personal and professional information. Locking your devices with a password, changing your password regularly, and avoiding links from unsolicited emails are a few simple measures to protect data, prevent identity theft, and stop cyber attacks in the workplace.

Securing Smart Devices

Smart devices allow us stay connected and updated on what is happening around the world while also monitoring our activity and saving our personal information. While smart devices can improve our everyday lives, it is important to remember that they are still at risk of cyber hacks. To stay safe while using smart devices, be sure to set up two-factor authentication, update your devices’ software regularly, and personalize your usernames and passwords.


Although National Cyber Security Month is coming to a close, there are still many ways to stay informed and involved with cyber security. Check out Stay Safe Online to learn more about how you can make the internet more safe and secure for yourself and others online. You can also follow @StaySafeOnline on Twitter and join the #NCSAM conversation to stay on top of cyber security news.

Check out all the National Cyber Security Month articles here on the Elon Technology Blog, and look for #ElonSecure on Twitter for more security tips!



Amanda Lenz

Amanda Lenz

Amanda is the Digital Content Strategist for Teaching and Learning Technologies at Elon University.

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