Stefanie Poe receives Acorn Accolade

Posted on: August 17, 2016 | By: Jessica Gore | Filed under: News

Stefanie Poe receiving the award from Assistant VP of Technology Christopher Waters and standing next to her supervisor Anthony Bennett.

Stefanie Poe, Campus Technology Support Lead for Elon, is the July recipient of the Acorn Accolade.

This award is given to an outstanding member of Elon’s Instructional and Campus Technologies team each month.

Stefanie Poe has been an integral part of Elon’s technological development for the past two decades, and continues to push our institution forward while simultaneously making sure that everything runs smoothly. Poe and her team are responsible for the acquisition, installation, and management of campus-wide software and hardware. They take care of¬†everything from SAS in the labs to the printers in the dorms – and all the while, Poe works to make sure that her team – the “best coworkers in the world” according to her – are thriving as well.

To read more about this month’s Accolade recipient, follow this link to the E-Net article!


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  1. Hi Stefanie Poe
    At first congrats for achievement of your departmental award , but i hope you will post details about your experiment. I hope you can manage it smoothly.