Moodle video series highlights key features to help calculate grades

Posted on: April 30, 2019 | By: Tarah Holland | Filed under: Moodle

Like clockwork, the end of the academic year is fast approaching – a signal to faculty that the countdown to calculate final semester grades has begun.

It’s a time-consuming process for many instructors, but taking advantage of key grading features in Moodle can help lessen the load. Teaching and Learning Technologies has created a video series to guide you through several actions to make your grading process more efficient.

Adding a Gradebook Column

If you want to add a grade for work submitted offline.

Adding a Gradebook Category

If you’re weighting grades for your course.

Dropping the Lowest Grade(s)

When you want to only count certain grades.

Hiding the Course Total

If you are adjusting aggregation methods and only want to include a portion of course grades in Moodle.

Grading in Single View

Used when you want to enter grades manually or for bulk grading.

For additional Moodle questions, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200.

Tarah Holland

Tarah Holland is a Digital Content Strategist at Elon University.

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