Moodle Show and Tell: English professor Paula Patch

Show and tell.In its new Moodle series, Moodle Show and Tell, Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) will highlight Elon faculty who have constructed especially useful, helpful, and unique Moodle pages for their courses. This week, TLT is featuring Paula Patch, lecturer of English, and her personalized ENG 110 course page with its structured layout, helpful widgets, and interesting photos.

“I am something of an information junkie,” Patch said. “I like to share what I read, see, and hear. My Moodle page is designed for sharing more than for storing information.”

Patch shares course materials, such as assignments and announcements, with her students as well as articles and videos that relate to what her class is examining and writing about. Additionally, her students share their ideas with their classmates by posting interesting articles, webpages, and videos they encounter online in forums, on WordPress blogs, and in traditional academic essays they upload to Moodle.

Patch centers her courses on universal themes, too, and she includes photos, outside resources, and pertinent information that relate to those themes on her Moodle page.

“I tend to create themes for my course materials, from the syllabus to the Moodle page, that relate to a big idea,” Patch said. “The big idea for my ENG 110 class is literacy; actually, it’s the idea that we develop multiple literacies and our ability to adapt to new ways of being literate and demonstrating literacy will determine how successfully we communicate.”

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If you are interested in adopting any of these features for your own Moodle course page and would like some assistance, contact Teaching and Learning Technologies at 336.278.5006 or Further, if you or someone you know uses Moodle in a particularly helpful or useful way, please contact TLT to let us know.

Image by Flickr user jonny goldsteinCreative Commons licensed BY-CC 2.0

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