Countdown: Campus Technologies’ most popular blog posts: #5

Posted on: December 17, 2012 | By: Sam Parker | Filed under: Tech Tips

Number Five

With 127 total pageviews, “Laptops in the classroom: Are they a good or bad thing?” by Sam Parker secured number five on our list. The blog post highlights conversations that occurred at a luncheon created to facilitate conversations among faculty about the use of laptops and other mobile devices in the classroom. Read the post.

The Countdown

As the semester comes to a close, Campus Technologies took a look at its Top 12 most popular blog posts of the semester. This fall, on the Technology blog, we published 53 posts, and those posts had 9,021 total pageviews. Among our most popular posts, Moodle and mobile device technology were the most prominent themes.

Sam Parker

Sam Parker is a Marketing Student Writer Intern with Elon University's Teaching and Learning Technologies.

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3 responses to “Countdown: Campus Technologies’ most popular blog posts: #5”

  1. John Goode says:

    Laptops in the classroom: Are they a good or bad thing? deserves to be the #5 most popular blog post. The post brings up some very valid points, such as students paying attention, teachers being able to read facial expressions and disabled students who have a legal right to use laptops in a classroom setting. Many people can type faster than they can write. Laptops and mobile devices can also be very distracting for many students. I believe that compromise is the key and that each teacher is going to need to evaluate their own teaching style to find out what works best in order for their students to learn.

  2. Dean Voss says:

    Laptops in classroom: here to stay! It’s too funny! As I was in a class today and was unusually distracted by the clicking of thousands upon thousands of “keys” from laptops. Typically only white noise to me. It reminded me of “The Office” episode, where Michael was speaking to a college class: “technology will never replace paper! Now write that down.” Then, 40 students start clicking the note on their keyboards. Lol! Oh well… Onward we go with our laptops. The new “legal pad” of this century.

  3. John Napes says:

    I agree with John completely. There are always two sides to the same coin. I think our students have become tech addicts. I don’t say this jokingly. I think it will be a serious problem in the future. Many of my own students are unable to use technology without becoming wrapped up in it. I don’t like feeling like big brother in the classroom watching over my students on their computers.