Is your mobile phone controlling you?


How often do you turn your phone completely off?  When you go to bed?  While watching a movie?  While eating at your favorite restaurant?  For most of us, the answer to the first question is never and so the other answers are no.

Some people actually cannot be away from their phones because they suffer from nomophobia which is a fear of losing or being without a mobile phone. If you have ever lost or misplaced your phone you know how that feels.  Finding it becomes a priority. How often do you check your phone when having lunch or dinner with family or friends?  Symptoms of nomophobia include checking your phone constantly, even in the middle of the night, for emails, social media updates, and text messages because you are afraid you may miss out on some new information.   What if you have your phone but cannot access it due to malicious software?   The presence of malware or a virus on a mobile phone could be devastating for those suffering with nomophobia if the malware takes over and access to their phones is denied.

Does your phone have a leash on you?  Take back control!  Set aside some time to turn your phone off like at bedtime.  If that is too drastic for you then try spending a little time away from your phone each day by turning it off.  You may even want to create a no phone zone.  Regardless of how ‘smart’ your phone is, remember that is not a human being and should not replace your face to face communications with those you love.

Christina Bonds

Christina Bonds

Christina Bonds is an Application Developer in the Web Technology department at Elon University.

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