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Lee Shulman on the Potential of Aggregated SoTL Data

Imagine an online resource that cataloged Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) studies from across global contexts. Now imagine if you could search that archival site to find not only the key findings of studies but also rich contextual information about where each was conducted. If you could, through one online tool, aggregate all the SoTL studies conducted in educational contexts like yours, how might you use the data? How might the aggregated results inform your future scholarship? Your research-informed practices?

In a recent video interview (below) with the Center for Engaged Learning, Lee Shulman, Professor of Education at Stanford University, discusses the potential of this type of aggregated SoTL data. He emphasizes that the potential is maximized when SoTL studies include contextual information, which helps readers identify similarities among contexts to know how applicable existing studies are to new/alternate contexts.

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