Samantha Brown

“Rottnest Island: Reclaiming the Land.”

My story is about an excursion my Winter Term class took to Rottnest Island, which had previously served as a penal establishment and labor camp for Aboriginal Australians, but is now a popular tourist attraction. During our visit, we learned more about the history of the island and even got to participate in a traditional ceremony to pay our respects to the Aboriginal Australian ancestors who lost their lives there.


Clay Buxton

Study Abroad Stories: Journey through the Whitsundays

In the audio clip, I tell the story of how several friends I made while studying abroad and I traveled to the Whitsundays on the east coast of Australia right before Covid-19 started to impact the world. I describe the beauty of the islands where we traveled and about the people I was with and able to meet.



Sara Bernstein

When I became a Crier


When I realized how much my family had an impact on me, I never knew that I was capable of such strong emotions. I wanted to share this story so that people that study abroad know that it is okay to let yourself feel sad sometimes. I now realize that this is all part of the process and that if you don’t let yourself experience these emotions, you can never grow emotionally and personally.