Minori Hata

American Food for Thought

This is a story about my dual degree program, the heaviest and longest (felt short) part of my life abroad. I studied at Elon Univesrity in the United States for two years, not just because of the academic motivation but in order to step out of my comfort zone and broaden my perspectives. It was amazing how I met so many people through this dual degree program, and how we connected through different food (because I love eating).


Jacob Neuman

My time in the Dominican was  amazing. However, I had to deal with a lot of health issues that truly tested my resiliency and my ability to push through difficult times. I wanted to make sure that despite what I was going through, I did not miss out on anything that my peers were taking part in and because of that, I got more out of my trip than I would have had I simply sat back and complained about the situation I was in.