Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Janet Warman

For our next faculty spotlight, we’re giving a shoutout to Dr. Janet Warman. You may know her from her super popular Mental Illness in Literature course, one of her personal favorites. She has been a teacher since 1977 (awesome), and has been here at Elon for 28 years.

In her time working with the Elon community, Dr. Warman has grown to love the increasing diversity on our campus, and the interactions between departments is energizing for her. In addition to Mental Illness in Literature, she enjoys teaching Poetry as a genre the most. Her love for poetry is the subject of her current research- Dr. Warman is currently on sabbatical to research Alzheimer’s for a new collection.

When she is not on campus, Dr. Warman works with the Modern Language Association, the National Council of Teachers of English, the North Carolina Writers’ Network, and the North Carolina Poetry Society. Additionally- even though we aren’t sure where she finds the time- Dr. Warman is a member of a book club that is made up of current and retired Elon faculty.

Dr. Warman leaves us for sabbatical with the following advice “Never stop believing in the power of words in your personal and professional life”. Thanks Dr. Warman, we believe in you too!


Katherine Francisco is the English Department intern for Spring 2018

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