Introducing Dr. Archie Crowley

This past week, I had the opportunity to meet with one of the English department’s newest professors: Dr. Archie Crowley (they/them).They were born and raised in Southern California, then moved to Atlanta, Georgia after undergrad, and then moved to South Carolina for grad school, and now up to North Carolina. Dr. Crowley has a PhD in linguistics from the University of South Carolina, and an impressive background in women’s and gender studies. After majoring in applied linguistics, they went on to create and film their own TedxUofSC talk that shared a linguistic perspective to help the audience embrace language evolution concerning gender and identity, which has garnered a million views online. Dr. Crowley has articles published in reputable academic journals and has presented speeches on various subjects in national and international conferences.

At Elon, where Dr. Crowley is so happy to be, the people have really stood out to them. Dr. Crowley says they have felt very welcomed by faculty and students alike. They are excited to begin many new projects around campus while learning the ropes at Elon. Dr. Crowley’s favorite class to teach by far has been Intro to Linguistics (ENG*3010). They are looking towards one day creating a linguistics program that provides teachers and students with a new way to consider language. This new way of thinking shows that language creates links in society that can be studied. These links explain how people communicate, and therefore can explain how relationships work in society. I was even able to share a laugh with them, based on the stereotype that all linguists are polyglots.

Dr. Crowley dreams of bringing a course on Language, Gender, and Sexuality to Elon. They describe the course as a way to look at the relationship between men and women, and how the different identities look. Students should take their courses because language is a part of everyone’s day. It is a way to figure out our social identities and how we are constructing our de-normative systems.
Dr. Crowley’s background and lived experience certainly helps create an inclusive classroom. Dr. Crowley has a kind heart, and wants all of their students to feel welcomed and appreciated. Their identity as trans and non-binary creates a classroom where (they hope) everyone can feel included and comfortable enough to be themselves. They love to start open conversations to speak about everyone’s individual human experience, and make sure that pronouns and identities are respected. They also assign work and readings that align with those open conversations, and promote additional thinking about how language affects and is a part of all of our lives. Dr. Crowley also ensures that their students are made aware of the many resources available on campus to help with any possible issue or hardship.

Dr. Crowley has a good taste in media too! Their favorite books are We Both Laughed in Pleasure by Lou Sullivan, one of the first out gay and trans men, and Laziness Does Not Exist, by Devon Price, which reframes the concept of laziness. Their favorite podcasts are “Normal Gossip,” which is an easy listen, and “5-4,” which discusses past monumental supreme court decisions.
Dr. Archie Crowley is beyond excited to continue their teaching career at Elon, and you should be too! As registration begins on October 31st, make sure to look for Dr. Crowley in the course catalog, and choose which one of their classes (e.g. ENG2040 Language in Society) would best suit your interests and needs. Plan quickly, as these spots fill up for this groundbreaking new addition to Elon University’s English Department!

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