ENG 110: Providing Profesisonals

By: Katherine Francisco

I recently attended a round of presentations from Dr. Lindeman’s ENG 110 class. I was struck immediately by how professional each student was in preparing their work and presenting it to a panel of experts from the community.

Students giving their presentation.

Each group of students was responsible for offering their revisions to local websites including the Social Services page, the Environmental Health page, and the Sheriff’s Department website. The groups collaborated and offered many suggestions to make the pages less cluttered and more user-friendly. Data was collected from surveys the students completed off campus, and all of their content was formatted into presentations.

As they presented, three representatives from the county took notes and asked questions of the groups to get ideas to revise the websites. I noticed right away that all of the students were well prepared for the questions, and they had all rehearsed their content extensively.

I was honestly shocked at the professional level of work coming from a group of first-year students, but that is what Elon does best: shock others with their professionalism.

The panel of professionals who provided feedback on the presentations

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