The Bible as a Blueprint for Living

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The Bible as a Blueprint for Living Duane McClearn April 2024 Long ago when I was a senior in high school, I enrolled in an elective course titled “Biblical Literature.” Among other things, we students read large sections of both the Old and New Testaments, and engaged in rousing, free-ranging discussions of the material. (Throughout it all, the teacher made no attempt to proselytize.) I recall one student, in particular, who began the semester with the position that the Bible was inerrant, accurate in every word, not subject to interpretation, obvious to understanding in every regard, and, importatntly, served as a clear blueprint for proper moral behavior. As the semester progressed, her Christian faith remained steadfast, but she relented, at least a bit, at least temporarily, on issues of interpretation and clarity. Since those halcyon days, I have heard or read many a minister, priest, theologian, and Christian layperson express…

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Surveys will be closed on June 1

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Surveys will be closed on June 1   Closing soon The data collection phase of our ex-SDA project is coming to an end on June 1. To date we have 983 respondents for the English version, 143 in the Portuguese version, and 6 having completed the Polish version making for 1132 total respondents. THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the survey and who have encouraged our efforts. More analysis and comment coming soon. Please encourage anyone in our target population who would like to have their voice heard to complete the survey ASAP. Here again are the links: English version                 Portuguese version                 Polish version

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