All quantitative surveys results

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All quantitative surveys results


Notes: Our research team is renewing its focus on the data we collected and you can expect regular updates in the coming weeks and months regarding our Ex-SDA survey. Qualitative data will be presented soon. We are using ChatGPT4 for our preliminary analysis.

All quantitative data
One primary goal of this research was to learn about the views of those somewhere on the “leaving/left’ SDA journey and then to share these data with the public. Our promise to those taking the survey was that (within ethical boundaries) we would share the results.

Below we give access to all quantitative data from the survey(s).

  • By clicking here you can see all of the quantitative data in frequencies form. These are the data from all 1011 respondents.
  • Here are all the quantitative data from the Portuguese language version.
  • Here we compare the quantitative data from the English version (n=1011) and the Portuguese version (n=154).

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