Canadian organizations can convey positive image of atheists

Canadian atheist organizations can support their members and all non-believers by presenting positive images of us as individuals and as a community.

Increase our visibility

“I think that something similar to the ‘atheist bus campaign’ would work, but with pictures of people with names, occupations and simply, ‘I am an atheist’. Letting everyone know that they all know someone without beliefs in the supernatural.”

“I believe that increasing the visibility of ‘average people’ who are non-believers would help dispel the idea that non-believers are ‘not like me’. Being more visible in the public sphere in everyday contexts such as participating in charitable events might help, as would encouraging the non-religious to readily identify themselves.”

Provide examples of how we can be good without god

“I think the biggest problem is defamation and discrimination based on a misguided concept of morality as religiously-based. Information campaigns to combat this insidious denial of humanity to atheists are a good deal more important than ‘there’s probably no God’ billboards which only taunt and antagonize believers.”

“Simply promote the position that atheists are just as good and just as moral as anyone. We need to eliminate the bigotry.”

“I think giving examples of successful and moral atheists is the best way to reduce the stigma of being labelled an atheist. Once the stigma is removed, I think more people will admit to being atheists.”

“Demonstrate that non believers are not vicious about religion, that we are good people, good without god.”

“Show that atheists aren’t bad people without morals, demonstrate that one does not need to believe in a deity to be a moral and productive member of a society.”

Show Canadians we care about our communities

“Provide visible opportunities for non-believers to contribute to their community.”

“Work towards increasing explicitly atheist community charity endeavours and volunteer opportunities for atheists.”

“Anything that encourages atheists to make a positive contribution to society rather than focusing on the negative aspects of belief will improve our public appearance, and it’s just the right thing to do.”

“Be helpful to everyone – food drives, road clean up, etc.”

“I think just by helping and being visible without proselytizing our non-belief. If we are seen helping the poor, for example, without pushing ideas on them and holding a sandwich ransom for listening to a sermon, people will see that we are moral, helpful, and modest.”


*all quotes are drawn from answers provided by Canadian atheists to Tom Arcaro’s Serving Atheists survey.

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