Race and Class on Campus Additional Resources


High school students in Montgomery County protest Trump’s election

  • This is the link to a story covered by the Washington Post about my old high school, Montgomery Blair. In the post, the author writes about the school-wide walkout in protest of Donald Trump that happened a couple weeks back. In this walkout there were about 1000 students that left class and marched from Montgomery Blair High School, to Albert Einstein High School, then to Downtown Silver Spring.

How Racially Diverse Schools and Classrooms Can Benefit All Students

  • This link is to an article about how diversity in classrooms is beneficial to all students, and uses studies from a multitude of different places to backup their claims. The authors talk about the significance of diversity in classrooms from all levels, whether it be kindergarden or university.

The Curious Conundrum of the Code-switching Token Teacher

  • This is the link to an article which we have used lots in class, which talks about the concept of code-switching. It explains how some people may be inclined to switch how they convey themselves to others in an attempt to fit in.

Most Diverse High Schools in the U.S.

  • This link is a link to the rankings for most diverse high schools in America, with my old high school being number 56 in the nation.


Racial/Ethnic Inequality

This link is an ebook that explains the racial/ethnic inequality in earnings among college educated men. A 2003 National Survey of College Graduates examined four perspectives on new color lines in America-white-nonwhite, black-nonblack, tri-racial and blurred- among college-educated white, black, Hispanic and Asian men. The study shows that despite mixed results, blacks fall consistently at the bottom of the racial hierarchy and whites stand at the top, proving there is a major sense of racial injustice taking place.

Campus Diversity and Ethnic Identity Development

This is the link for an article on campus diversity and ethnic identity development. The article goes on to explain how colleges and universities increasingly embrace diversity in its multiple forms and tries to help the reader understand why embracing diversity improves a school’s campus.

Most Diverse Colleges in the USA

This is a link to a statistic on the most diverse colleges in America. It provides insight on which universities  are more opposed to racism, biased, and they require a diverse and inclusive attitude to be a factor in a professor’s consideration for tenure.

Meaning of Diversity

This article describes how many people on campus see diversity as race, but instead, diversity goes beyond race. It explains how diversity means much more than just a skin color, but it stands for change, expansion, and tolerance.


What is Diversity? – Hilbert College

This is a link to the YouTube video “What is Diversity? – Hilbert College”, and this video gives outsiders who aren’t aware of Hilbert College an idea of what diversity on their campus looks like. Also the different staff members and students in the video breakdown what diversity means to them.

Chris Stedman on the Benefits of Diversity on College Campuses

This is another link to the YouTube video “Chris Stedman on the Benefits of Diversity on College Campuses”, where Chris Stedman the speaker in the video mentions that college and university campuses are designed to bring in people from all over the world. This video explains what comes with a diverse campus.

Clock Towers Promote Diversity On College Campuses

This is link to an article about how different schools around the country promote student and faculty activity.  On different campuses, colleges understand the importance of diversity and how essential it is for their school to be diverse. This articles gives different ways of how schools try to get students to express themselves.

What Does It Really Mean to Increase Diversity on College Campuses?  

This is an opinionated article that breaks down what diversity is, why doesn’t it work, and ways to increase diversity. This article gives suggestion on how to approach diversity as a topic and how to help make a school more diverse.