Reporting Sexual Assault Additional Resources

Information about Sexual Assault Trials:

“Rape Shield Laws” 

  • Undergoing a rape kit is a painful experience for victims of sexual assault, and many of these rape kits end up not ever being tested.Rape shield laws are put in place to try and protect the victim from questioning about their sexual history, but judges can allow anything they see relevant into the court

“Tens of thousands of rape kits go untested across USA” 

  • Undergoing a rape kit is a painful experience for victims of sexual assault, and many of these rape kits end up not ever being tested.

“Cross-Examining the He-Said/She-Said Witness: 3 Simple Steps”

  • Advice given by a lawyer describing how to conduct a cross-examination effectively. This piece shows the tactics lawyers use in court and how they are trying to diminish the victim’s credibility.

“Rape Victims in Louisiana Are Being Charged for Hospital Exams”

  • Victims of sexual assault are being forced to pay for certain tests that are usually included in a rape kit, further discouraging women from reporting their rape.

Information about Male Victims of Sexual Assault:

Male Survivors of Sexual Assault

  • Gives data and reasoning as to why men do not report sexual assault and the ideas within our society about male sexual assault.

Male Victims

  • Men and woman are both vulnerable in our society. The developed stigmas about men that exist around us make people think differently.

When Men are Raped

  • Discusses male rape in America and how people look at it wrong.

Men and Sexual Assault

  • Discusses different ways on how to help men who have been sexually assaulted and the impacts the attack has on them.

Impact of Labeling on Sexual Assault Victims:

Why women who are sexually assaulted remain silent

  • Touches on why doubting and ignoring sexual assault victims silences them.

Why I Chose to Stay Silent About My Rape

  • A women tells the story of how she struggled with deciding how to deal with her rape as a college student.

I was raped. Why I stayed silent

  • Young women tells the story of how her friend raped her in college and why she waited so long to speak out.

The Lifelong Consequences of Rape

  • Lists life-long impacts that rape has on victims.

Why the Military Has a Sexual Assault Problem

  • Goes into detail about how the structure of the military allows for sexual assault to be easy to commit and to get away with.

Information about Sexual Assault on College Campuses:

How to Stay Safe on College Campuses

  • Helpful tips for college students on habits for how to stay safe and protect themselves and others from sexual assault.

How to Report A Sexual Assault at Elon University

  • If you are a current or previous Elon student then this link can provide help lines, contact information for support, and facts about filing a sexual assault report.

How To Be a Supportive Outlet for Victims of Sexual Assault

  • If a friend or peer opens up about a sexual assault, these are some ways that you can be a helpful ally in supporting them emotionally throughout the process.

Support Groups for Sexual Assault on College Campuses

  • This non-profit organization gives information about student led movements that combat sexual and interpersonal violence in campus communities. It also provides students with resources they may need to build successful grass root campaigns against sexual assault.

Information about Celebrities and Sexual Assault:

Bill Cosby to Stand Trial in Sexual Assault Case in June

  • Details how Bill Cosby has gotten away with sexual assault for the past 40-50 years and it has been avoided until now.

Beyond Cosby, How Celebrities Accused of Sexual Misconduct have Fared

  • Lists nine other celebrities who have been accused, charged, or convicted of sexual assault, how it affected their careers, and where they are now.

Rape In The Time Of Celebrity’ Reveals The Sad Reality Of Sexual Assault Allegations Against Famous Men

  • People are more likely to forgive celebrities for rape accusations because they love their icon’s and refuse to believe they would do such a horrid thing.

TMZ’s Derrick Rose Rape Case Coverage Is the Worst Kind of Slut-Shaming

  • Describes the media’s coverage of the sexual assault Derrick Rose’s perpetrated and how the blame was placed on his victim.

Support for Victims of Sexual Assault:

Immediate Steps After a Sexual Assault

  • This article, and the website it is posted on provide guidelines for how to deal with a sexual assault, and offers support to victims.

Help Someone You Care About

  • This article provides resources that friends or family of the victim can use to support them following a sexual assault.

About the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline

  • This article provides the number to the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline, how it can help victims, and other information regarding how it can help victims.