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Sep 08 2010

Scholarly vs. popular sources (Contributed by G. Hlavaty & M. Townsend)

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Corollary Homework

Now that you have chosen one popular periodical and one scholarly journal for your project, you will compare their rhetorical elements. This exercise will help you develop ideas for your final rhetorical analysis paper. Please answer the following questions as specifically as possible:

1. What types of articles appear in each periodical?

2. Compare the author’s credentials from each periodical. What types of authors publish in each one?

3. What types of ads appear in each publication?

4. Considering article types and ads, describe the audience for each of these publications.

5. Do these periodicals use research? Are there citations? Which seems more solid?

6. Do any of the articles use visuals (graphs, photos, etc.)? What types? What are their purposes?

7. For which assignments would popular magazines be most useful as sources? For which assignments would scholarly journals be most useful?

8. Consider the answers for all of these questions. In a short paragraph, sum up the strengths, weaknesses, and purpose of each of these publications.