Approved Classroom Accommodations to Support Students with Learning Disabilities

Feb 11 2009

Approved Classroom Accommodations to Support Students with Learning Disabilities

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  • Understanding Classroom Accommodations [From the Disabilities Services Website]
    “Elon University is committed to the principle of equal opportunity. One of the ways we express that commitment is in our efforts to accommodate qualified students with disabilities as they face the challenges of university life. Faculty, staff, administrators and students work together to find approaches and accommodations that enable students to benefit from the wide variety of programs and activities on campus.”
  • Recommended Statement to Include on Syllabus and on Blackboard
    “If you are a student with a documented disability who will require accommodations in this course, please register with Disabilities Services in the Duke Building, Room 108 (278-6500) for assistance in developing a plan to address your academic needs.”
  • Special Concerns for Possible Discussion
    • Note Takers (See Susan Wise’s Recent Email)
    • Accommodations for Dysgraphia (inability to write words with appropriate syntax or physical difficulty with handwriting)
    • Accommodations for Asperger Syndrome
    • Others?
  • General Tips
    • Give both oral and written instructions for assignments/activities;
    • At the beginning of class, briefly review the previous class session and outline or preview the current class session;
    • Summarize material at the end of class (or ask a student to);
    • Face the class when speaking;
    • Augment discussions with visual materials and handouts; and
    • Offer opportunities for students to ask questions.
    • You can find additional tips on the Learning Disabilities website (


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