University Initiatives and English 110

Apr 09 2008

University Initiatives and English 110

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Each year, I receive over a dozen requests for English 110 to serve as an instructional site for a new initiative or for data collection. The two initiatives listed below could be implemented in select sections of English 110 while retaining a focus on the English 110 course objectives.

Common Reading

  • 2008-2009 Common Reading: Jonathan Kozol’s The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America
  • Selected by the Common Reading Committee (Jean Schwind is on the committee)
  • See final page of handout for Jean Schwind’s Common Reading assignment; Jean’s students will present their ideas at the 2008 College Writing Showcase.
  • A few ideas that retain a focus on English 110 objectives:
    • Profiles: Politicians responsible for relevant legislation, Schools in ABSS or in students’ hometowns, Kozol
    • Academic Arguments: Supporting or disputing Kozol’s representation of American schools, Proposing alternatives, Examining one of Kozol’s sub-points in more depth
    • Proposals: Calls for change at local, state, or national levels
    • Others?

Environmental Sustainability

  • Initiative to connect campus focus on environmental sustainability to academics
  • Centered in first-year core courses and General Studies
  • Pilot group has been meeting this spring with intention of implementing plans in select sections in the fall
  • Assignment and activity ideas noted in backwards design worksheet examples
  • Interested in participating or learning more? Contact Jessie Moore or Michael Strickland.

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