Activity Showcase: Focused Peer Review (Ashley Holmes)

Oct 11 2006

Activity Showcase: Focused Peer Review (Ashley Holmes)

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Peer Review: Structure and Paragraph Focus, Coherence, and Development (Ashley Holmes)

Read through the entire paper once before evaluating/commenting.

Criteria with Room for Comments Below

Strength of Paper


Needs Improvement

Thesis:  Underline what you consider to be the thesis.  Does the thesis reveal the writer’s stance/perspective and preview specific parts of the response?  How might the writer clarify the thesis?  Does the thesis serve as a “road map” for the rest of the paper?

Focus:  How focused are each of the paragraphs?  How well does the topic sentence (usually the 1st sentence) of each paragraph prepare the reader for the information in the rest of the paragraph?

Coherence:    Does each sentence flow easily into the next?  Does the paragraph include transitional expressions (however, because, in addition, moreover, for example, etc.)?  Make suggestions for where the writer might include more transitional expressions to improve coherence?

Development: Based on the topic sentence of each paragraph, has the writer fully developed the point being made?  Has the writer provided enough examples?  Are there ways the writer might add more or improve the development by narrating, describing, comparing/contrasting, defining, analyzing, etc.?

Structure: How effectively does the structure work to convey the writer’s claim?  Do they save a point for the end that you think should be moved earlier in the paper?  Do the paragraphs and argument seem to progress in a logical manner?
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