January 9 – Tasmania, Cradle Mountain

The Cradle Mountain Challenge

Life if full of challenges and pushing yourself to the limit to see how much you can achieve. Today was most certainly one of those days. Last night when we agreed to take a more challenging route, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. After a 6 am wake up, quick clean up of the cabin and breakfast we were off into the unknown. Upon arrival we faced Cradle Mountain far in the distance. Most were excited, some nervous, and all looking forward to the views from the top.


As the hike began, we were all wondering just how long the hike would be. I think we would all agree looking back that it was much more challenging and strenuous than we had all expected. The trail began with many steep & rocky steps, which then turned into a more open land journey. The fun was only beginning. We then began climbing, or should I say, bouldering up hundreds of feet of rocks. It was definitely challenging, but I think everyone that partook in the journey would agree it was well worth it. We all ate our packed lunches at the summit, which was 5,069 feet in height, and our bodies surely felt every foot of it.

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