Motives and impact of INGO’s: Filipino perceptions

Posted on: May 11, 2017 | By: Tom Arcaro | Filed under: Filipino Aid Workers

Motives and impact of INGO’s:  Filipino perceptions

“International Organizations paved a great impact in one’s life.. it has the power to reform and help unfortunate people and save lives. It has an overall positive impact in the Phillippines specially during disasters like Yolanda 3 years ago.”

-female aid  worker, HQ based in the Philippines

Why are you here?
As a follow up to the last post discussing ‘Localization’ in the Philippines, here are data from two related questions.  This first one allowed the respondents to opine as to the motivations of INGO’s, and the results are pretty positive with the overwhelming majority -77%- indicating that “They have good intentions and genuinely want to help.”  The glass half empty interpretation, though, is that a sizable percentage -nearly one in four- questioned the motivations.  This question certainly merits  follow-up.

But are the INGO’s helping to move the needle in a positive direction?  84% indicated yes, agreeing that “Overall, I believe that international aid organizations have had a positive impact in the Philippines.”  Here again, though, is a smaller -16%- yet still troubling percentage indicating meh, not so much.

Soon I’ll add discussion and analysis, but for now contact me if you have comments or questions.



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