Research update: by the numbers

Posted on: May 12, 2019 | By: Tom Arcaro | Filed under: 'Global South' survey

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Research update: by the numbers

Our survey targeting humanitarians from the ‘global South’ has been open since mid February

  • 8          Versions of the survey live online (2 x 4 = 8)
  • 50        Questions on the long version
  • 25        Questions on the short version
  • 4          Languages available (English, Arabic, Bangla, and French)
  • 180      Total survey responses as of 12 May 2019
  • 75         Survey responses to English Long version; 71% completion
  • 71         Survey responses to English short version; 76% completion
  • 21         Survey responses to Arabic long version; 62% completion
  • 8           Survey responses to Arabic short version; 75% completion
  • 2           Survey responses to French short version; 100% completion
  • 1           Survey responses to French short version; 0% completion
  • 1           Survey responses to Bangla long version; 100% completion
  • 1           Survey responses to Bangla short version; 100% completion
  • 61%      Completion rate overall 
  • 24         Nations represented 
  • 4,140    Total number of minutes devoted collectively by respondents 
  • 500       Visits to this blog site in the last month
  • 14         Members on the research team (representing 6 nations)

What next?
The survey will remain open until the research team decides to close it. As an additional method to reach as many humanitarians as possible, our team member in Ethiopia will duplicate and distribute paper copies of the survey in the coming days. Access to the Internet and computer time can be an issue for some.

Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, concerns or if you would like to be profiled in an extended interview.


Tom Arcaro

Tom Arcaro is a professor of sociology at Elon University. He has been researching and studying the humanitarian aid and development ecosystem for nearly two decades and in 2016 published 'Aid Worker Voices'. He recently published his second and third books related to the humanitarians sector with 'Confronting Toxic Othering' published in 2021 and 'Dispatches from the Margins of the Humanitarian Sector' in 2022. A revised edition of 'Confronting Toxic Othering' will be out later in 2023.

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