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So Long Ohio, Hello Pennsylvania.

We are now half-way through travel season, which means I have worked my way through some of the many great schools in Kentucky and Ohio. I was able to meet with some wonderful students and share with them the value of an Elon education. The part I enjoy most about the idea of travel season is being able to meet students on their turf. It allows me, and all of our counselors, the opportunity to see what life is like for the students whose applications we will begin reading in just a few short weeks. Perhaps the most fun, especially during my first travel season, has been exploring the many neighborhoods of the cities I have been able to visit. So here is a list of my favorite things I have seen over the past month (in no particular order):

1. Easton Towne Center
2. Graeter’s Ice Cream (I may have enjoyed this a little too much)
3. The windmill at Kenston High School
4. The tudor-style neighborhood of Mariemont
5. Hearing (and seeing) the spirit week themes for five different schools (coincidentally, all with the same school colors- Blue & White)
6. Claudia Saunder’s Dinner House (The original Kentucky Fried Chicken!)
7. A giant office building in the shape of a picnic basket (Columbus)
8. The “Squirrel City” sign at Columbus School for Girls
9. The easily negotiable I-71 that took me across the entire state of Ohio
10. The view from the top of the famed seven hills in Cincinnati- what an incredible view!

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone over the past month. I can’t wait to get to know you even better as the applications begin coming in with the Early Decision and Early Action deadlines coming up in just a few weeks. So get ready Pennsylvania, you have some pretty big shoes to fill.

– Ginny Oberle ’14  (Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania)




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Welcome to our Fall Admissions Intern!


I am happy to be writing to you as this semester’s Admissions Intern. My name is Powell Mansfield and I am a current senior here at Elon. I began working as a University Guide in June after I finished my first year and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed representing this University in my maroon polo since. As I complete my final year on campus, I am thrilled for the opportunity to enhance my role with Admissions this semester. I will be assisting with events and applications as well as giving Information Sessions.

I’m originally from Atlanta, GA, having attended Woodward Academy prior to Elon—Go War Eagles! I was heavily involved in theater throughout high school and was originally a BFA Acting major here on campus, but decided to go down a different route upon starting my first year. I currently have a major in Media Arts & Entertainment and a minor in French. I’m excited to pursue a career in the Entertainment industry upon graduation!

Powell Mansfield

On campus, I’ve worked with New Student Orientation as an Orientation Leader (OL) as well as a member of Head Staff—both were fantastic experiences. Being a leader for new students as well as for OL’s was something I really enjoyed.

I’m also heavily involved with Elon’s first a cappella group, Twisted Measure. I joined the group during the spring of my first year and it truly has shaped my college experience as a whole. I’m so lucky to be able to perform alongside some of the most talented people I know, not to mention my best friends. This past spring, we released our latest album, XV, which commemorates our 15th anniversary. Check out our website www.twistedmeasure.com and be sure to Like us on Facebook to find out when and where we’ll be performing this semester. :)

I spent the spring semester of my sophomore year studying abroad in Paris. The Isabella Cannon International Center for Global Education was such a great resource for me when I was planning my semester abroad in addition to being a huge help during my time abroad. I lived with a host family for four months, speaking only French to them and vice versa, in addition to taking classes at the Sorbonne with other university students from North Carolina schools. This past summer, I was in Los Angeles as a part of the Elon in LA Study USA program. I was one of 40 Elon students enrolled in the program, interning in the city as well as taking a class. The experience gave me a great view of how the professional entertainment world functions. In addition to interning, I also began pursuing my career in stand-up comedy. Thanks to two Elon alums, I was able to perform 3 times at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank as well as at The Comedy Store in Hollywood.

If you have any questions about the application process or about my specific Elon experiences, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at mmansfield2@elon.edu. Go Phoenix!

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Turning 21 Dinner: Another Elon Tradition

Elon University is known for its traditions.

The first-year class gets an acorn at Convocation, held the Saturday following move-in day. The graduating class receives baby oak saplings at commencement. President Leo Lambert invites the entire student body to his home for a holiday party every December. And every Tuesday morning faculty, staff and students get together for a free breakfast we call College Coffee. Elon is full of traditions. But there’s one tradition that often flies under the radar, and I must say, it’s one of my favorites: when you turn 21, Elon throws you a birthday party.

The Turning 21 Celebration is a special event hosted several times throughout the year. Students who have recently turned 21 are invited to attend a “fancy” dinner along with a guest, typically a staff or faculty mentor who has played a special role in the student’s Elon experience. For me, the question of who to invite was a no-brainer. I invited the very first professor I ever had in the School of Communications—Dr. Gaither. Dr. Gaither is a phenomenal professor whom students know very well and speak very highly of. I knew I would be honored to have him as my guest for the evening.

I heard from older students that Dr. Gaither goes all out for the Turning 21 dinners—and they were right! When I arrived to meet Dr. Gaither, he handed me a bouquet of flowers. We enjoyed a delicious meal alongside other pairs of students and their guests, listened to an excellent keynote speaker and at the end of the evening Dr. Gaither gave me a handwritten note thanking me for inviting him. Nicest of all, at the end of the note he had written that I was a shining star!

I don’t know what other university fosters professor-student relationships like this. The best thing is, Dr. Gaither isn’t the only professor I have a strong professional relationship with. There are several other professors in the School of Communications that I regularly meet with for coffee or lunch. Another favorite professor, Dr. Copeland, has shared a meal with me and a few other students at least eight or nine times over the years. He’s taken us to lunch so many times; we recently all pulled together to take him out to a nice Italian dinner.

Here at Elon, professors know your name, they care, and sometimes, they even come to your birthday party.

-Katy Steele ’14

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Carrying My Passion for Soccer into College: How I did it with Club Sports

As is the “Elon way,” I have been involved in quite a few clubs and organizations since my freshman year- some of them volunteer, some academic, and some purely for fun (my intramural laser tag team is headed to the playoffs next week- undefeated). There were times when this was overwhelming and other times when I was looking for more. I finally found the balance my junior year after joining the women’s club soccer team.

I played soccer on all levels from the time I was five to my senior year of high school. However, I decided early in high school, probably my freshman or sophomore year, soccer was not something I wanted to pursue at a varsity level in college (but let’s be real, I think my 10:00 minute mile determined that for me). So when I got to campus I had a strategy in mind. I would join a few organizations at the “OrgFair,” play some intramurals, focus on academics and see where I wanted to spend my time. I am sure many of you find yourself in the same situation- seeing college as a time to start a new adventure but wondering what will happen to that passion you’ve had for so long. For my first two years at Elon, I played intramural soccer (AND LASER TAG) and figured that was a good enough to satisfy my soccer craving. But it just wasn’t enough. My junior year at Elon I decided I needed the get back into it— I emailed the club soccer presidents, signed up at org fair, and showed up to the first practice. We practice three days a week, and have games roughly every other weekend. We play UNC-Chapel Hill, High Point, Davidson, UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Wilmington, and we will head to a tournament in Asheville in just a couple weeks. The competition is good but the people are better! Joining a team like this is a great way to meet people of different years, majors, and backgrounds. Some people have found that they played against each other in a travel league, or for some it’s their first time giving it a go.

I have friends that have tried new sports (Women’s Rugby) and some that have led their teams to D-III nationals (Women’s Frisbee). I would encourage everyone to take a look at club sports when you get to campus, or even when you are here visiting for an event weekend. Whether you’ve been playing a sport your whole life or think that it might be something to round out that Elon experience, it’s well worth the time.

Ginny with Club Soccer Team

Ginny Oberle ’14, is a current admissions intern in our office and wrote the post above. This is a picture of Ginny with her club soccer team! 

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Elon is Coming to You!

Over the next month, Elon will be hosting 15 admitted student events across the country! We know that we are so excited about our incoming class, but we also understand that many students have to make some tough decisions over the coming weeks. Let us help you! We look forward to seeing you in your neck of the woods.

For more information, check out our vice president’s recent blog post about our upcoming events and if you’re interested, sign up online to come and hang out with us in your hometown!


The Office of Admissions

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Welcome to our Spring Interns!

We have 2 lovely spring interns who have joined our office this semester and are helping with many areas: events, applications, information sessions just to name a few. We love them and couldn’t think of 2 better students to be a part of our professional staff for the spring. Please say hi to them if you’re on campus – they would love to talk to you!

  Ginny Oberle ’14

Ginny Oberle

Hey all! My name is Virginia (Ginny) Oberle. I was born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC. I am a psychology major, with minors in public health, and women and gender studies. I am an Elon College Fellow also and in the process of finishing my undergraduate research now, focusing on sexual risk behaviors in emerging adult women. If research sounds boring to you, then you are right where I was four years ago. But once you give it a go, you will leave Elon with something of which you are immeasurably proud of! My favorite spot on campus is the bench by the performing arts department that overlooks Lake Mary Nell. I lived around there my freshman year and those are still some of my fondest memories.

I love intramural sports! I have played flag football, outdoor soccer, sand volleyball, 4×4 flag football, indoor soccer, wallyball and laser tag. Nothing beats free laser tag with your friends. Other hobbies include knitting (yup), Netflix, club soccer, SCANDAL, going to the gym, and chocolate cherry milkshakes from Cookout. If you have never had Cookout before, that should be a top priority when you visit campus! I am not kidding. I had the opportunity to study abroad in India last January, which was incredible. We rode overnight trains through southern India and took a roof-top yoga class. I came back with the best memories and the coolest pants!

I am so excited to be the spring intern for the Admissions office. I have loved being a tour guide for the past two years and am thankful for the opportunity to continue to work in the admissions office in a different capacity. I look forward to seeing some of you this spring whether you are visiting campus or here for an event weekend!


Katy Steele ’14

Katy Steele

Hey there! My name is Katy Steele and I am officially an Elon alumna! I came to Elon from Dayton, Ohio, back in 2011. I had earned enough transfer credits from AP courses in high school that I was able to  graduate a semester ahead in my college career. I have a degree in Journalism with minors in International Studies and Spanish, and am now lucky enough to spend the spring semester doing two internships: one as the Marketing Intern at United Way, and the other as one of the Spring Interns for Admissions!

Looking back, my time at Elon has grown me in ways that I never could have imagined. While in college, I became passionate about pursuing Spanish. I began a program through our campus Spanish Center that provided me with a $650 voucher toward a plane ticket to any Spanish-speaking country I chose. After completing the program I used my ticket to travel to a rural area of the Dominican Republic to serve as a videographer for a nonprofit, private school called Doulos Discovery. Read my recent blog post about my amazing experience in Jarabacoa. At Elon I perfected my Spanish, earned the plane ticket to travel abroad, and learned the video and communication skills necessary to tell good stories through videography.

I loved my trip serving abroad so much that now I can’t stop! In September I will be setting out to love and care for people around the world—from Cambodia, to Botswana, to Turkey, to Honduras—I will spend 11 months in 11 countries as a part of the World Race program. You can come along for the ride by following my blog. Until then, I am thrilled to continue being a part of the Elon family as a Spring Intern in Admissions!

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Regular Deadline Release Date Has Changed

Attention Applicants:

Due to recent inclement weather in North Carolina resulting in significant and extended loss of electricity in and around Elon University, Regular Deadline admissions decisions will be released on Tuesday, March 18 at midnight EDT.   We are unable to offer any admissions decisions until that time.  Students will be notified via On Track on the 18th with formal communication following via U.S mail.

We apologize for the delay and look forward to releasing  admissions decisions on March 18.

If there are any questions, please contact our office at 336-278-3566 or admissions@elon.edu.


Elon University Office of Admissions

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How I Became a Global Citizen

Katy - Dominican Republic

When I was in high school I remember making list after list of what my dream college would be like. I wanted a pretty campus in the southeast with friendly students, lots of organizations to get involved in and a strong communications program. The thing I don’t remember ever putting on that list was “Become a Global Citizen,” but at Elon University, that’s exactly what’s happened.

My first semester at Elon I remember hearing the phrase often. Global citizen, global citizen, global citizen—it was everywhere. I remember learning what it means to be a global citizen when we discussed the first-year common reading called China Road. I remember tasting what it means to be a global citizen when I attended a cooking class and we cooked southern Indian cuisine and ate it off of traditional leaf plates. And I remember hearing what it means to be a global citizen when I spent time in Elon’s El Centro de Español listening to native speakers talk in beautiful Spanish.

But what I’ll remember most is the experience that brought everything full circle for me: January of my senior year I spent one month volunteering in the Dominican Republic, and I might dare to say that it changed my life.

For four weeks I interned and served at a K-12 English-immersion school called Doulos Discovery. Using the skills I’d learned at Elon I created promotional videos for the school (watch one of my videos here). I took Spanish class three times a week. I played Pictionary with my younger Dominican host-brother. I was humbled learning new words from a giggling 5-year-old who lost it when I didn’t know the Spanish word for mop. I walked to the veggie market and learned how to barter for the biggest, greenest avocados you’ve ever seen. And most of all, I met some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever encountered in my life.

This was my first trip out of the country and I had expectations that my eyes would suddenly be opened and I would realize how huge our great big world actually is. But while I was in the DR, looking over the mountain range, knowing that Haiti was just beyond the peaks, I realized that the world isn’t that big after all. One plane ride away and I could be back on the island of Hispañola, sitting on the balcony with Danielito drawing pictures of castles and dragons.  And to me, that’s part of what being a global citizen means: choosing to see one another as more the same than different. Because I believe that if we think of our global neighbors as people in exotic and unreachable places, we will use the distance as an excuse to validate inaction to some of the world’s most pressing needs. It’s only when we realize how closely knit we are all that the distance stops being an excuse. To me, being a global citizen means everyone is my neighbor and the world is all our backyard.

I will always be thankful that I learned to think this way while at Elon. And I will never forget the time I spent volunteering at Doulos Discovery School serving people on the other side of the world, people who are my neighbors — my friends.

-Katy Steele ’14

Katy was a university tour guide in the Office of Admissions  and is now one of our interns for the spring semester. She leaves this September to travel to Cambodia, Botswana, Turkey, Honduras and more. She will be spending 11 months in 11 countries as a part of the World Race program.

Katy - Dominican Republic

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I want to visit Elon! Which event is for me?

Spring is coming! The best way to learn more about Elon and get a sense of our campus community is to visit. Whether you are a junior beginning your college search, an admitted senior still making a decision, or have paid your deposit and plan on coming next fall, there are lots of choices! We hope you’ll join us on campus this spring – we’d love to see you!

Traditional Campus Visit (Information Session & Tour)

  • When: Monday-Friday (morning and afternoon times available), most Saturdays (9am, 10am, 11am)
  • Who: All are welcome!
  • What: A 30 minute information session with an admission counselor, followed by a  student-led tour of the main portions of campus. Families also have the option of taking a self-guided driving tour afterwards to see other parts of campus not included in the campus visit. Families unable to register for a tour are welcome to take a self-guided walking tour of campus and utilize our admissions counselor on duty to answer any questions they may have. If participating in this visit option, please plan your visit to Elon to last 2 hours. Seniors (only) also have the option of sitting in on a class. (Note: class visits must be arranged at least 2 weeks prior to coming to campus.)
  • How: Families are urged to register for their campus visit prior to coming to campus. March and April are our busiest months and campus visits will almost certainly fill up.  You can schedule a campus visit here: http://www.elon.edu/e-web/admissions/visit.xhtml.

Phoenix Fridays

  • When: February 21, April 11
  • Who: Admitted students
  • What: If you’ve been admitted to Elon, we invite you to spend a day on campus, and see what it’s like to be an Elon student. Students will attend a class, have lunch with a current Elon student in one of our dining halls, and take a campus tour. Students and families can expect to learn more about residence life, academic advising and student life on campus with a variety of sessions. Phoenix Fridays are capped in order to allow for a personal experience with current Elon students, faculty and staff so please sign up in advance.
  • How: Students can register for Phoenix Fridays via their OnTrack account.

Fellows Scholarship Weekend

  • When: March 7-8
  • Who: Admitted students. Students must be invited to participate in Fellows weekend.
  • What:  Elon University will welcome candidates invited to interview for the Fellows Programs to campus beginning Friday, March 7 at noon. The two-day event concludes Saturday evening, March 8. Throughout the weekend candidates will take part in interviews, panel discussions, seminars, presentations, receptions and tours.
  • How: Students invited to participate in Fellows Weekend must register via their OnTrack account

For questions about Fellows and Scholarship Weekend, please email fellows@elon.edu.

Rising Phoenix Weekends (Formally named Spring Orientation Weekends)

  • When: March 14-15, April 25-26
  • Who: Admitted students who have paid their $500 enrollment deposit
  • What: Spend a weekend exploring campus and find out about the exciting opportunities that await you at Elon. Rising Phoenix Weekend is a two-day event that celebrates your acceptance to Elon and prepares you for enrollment in the fall. It’s a great way for you and your parents to learn more about life on campus, our signature Elon Experiences and hear from Academic Advising, just to name a few. Hopefully this weekend will answer all of your questions and more about what to expect in college. This is the only opportunity for students to see all of the housing options available for first-year students.
  • How: Students may register for either Rising Phoenix weekend via their OnTrack account. Participation requires advance payment of $500 enrollment deposit. (Please allow 72 hours for your deposit to be processed.)

Explore Elon (Our version of an open house)

  • When: April 5
  • Who: All
  • What: Spend a day touring Elon’s campus and meet professors and students who will answer all of your questions about college life. Learn more about Elon’s academic and scholarship programs, have lunch on campus, and find out how you could spend the next four years of your life! Students will have the opportunity to sit on special interest sessions regarding Global Study, Internships, and Campus Life.
  • How: Register at https://www.elon.edu/admissions/SpringOpenHouse

For any questions about your campus visit, feel free to call our office at (336) 278-3566 or email admissions@elon.edu.

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Advice from an Elon Senior: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Claire Bonnell ’14 was one of our Winter Term interns this past month. As WT ends and she is about to begin her last semester at Elon, she took some time to reflect on her experience but also provide some advice for high school students as they go through the college search process.

As I look back on my internship with the Office of Admissions, I consider this past month to be one full of growth and new lessons.  I have improved my public speaking skills, traveled to different places and met people at Elon that I otherwise would never have known. What stands out to me most is the commitment of the Elon staff. They take time to know their students and are passionate about helping others. Not a single student attends a presentation or tour, or applies to Elon without getting the attention they deserve. While it is always a celebration to find a student that the office knows will succeed at Elon (and who chooses to enroll), those who will not be a Phoenix are respected and cared for all the same.

My advice for the college search process? Remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. I remember my own college application experience and how urgent everything seemed. I suggest making a plan with realistic goals and sticking to it. Personally, I have observed so much unnecessary concern and urgency that can be remedied with smart planning and time management.

At the end of sophomore year, begin to think about what you are looking for in your future college or university. Pick a few different types of schools to check out. Think about location, public/private, large/small, their academic profile and possible programs offered. After viewing a few schools, you should be able to determine what aspects are most important to you in terms of location and size. From there, you can narrow your list even further based on your possible academic interests and career goals in junior year to see if those schools on your shorter list match up.

Once you decide what schools you are going to apply to, choose the appropriate application deadlines and plan accordingly. Be sure to research scholarship and financial aid deadlines. Waiting until the week they are due will create unnecessary stress. Get to know your counselors at both your high school and at the colleges you are applying for. Having a face to your name will help on both ends. Be thorough and thoughtful with each question you answer. Know that you are capable and smart and that what is meant to happen will. Be truthful to who you are and what you can both give and receive from the colleges you are considering. College admissions offices will consider your grades, test scores, interests, extracurricular activities and the person you are. When they decide to admit you, they are honored just as much as you are. Remember that! Your future college/university will be your home for four years so take time to think about where you fit. Being comfortable is so important. Trust your judgment.

Time seems to go by so fast so taking advantage of opportunities and working hard to reach your goals. Enjoy each day! Take a deep breath, it will all work out and one day you will be in my shoes, baffled that in a few short months, your entire collegiate experience will be complete.

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