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Elon College Fellows

I’m very excited to be an Elon College Fellow! This 4-year program for students with majors in the Arts and Sciences facilitates many opportunities at Elon, culminating with an undergraduate research project. We spend the first semester of freshman year attending colloquiums to learn about the research of different faculty members who are mentors in the program. Then, during winter term of freshman year, we create research questions and take a five-day trip to Washington, D.C. to conduct the inquiry. During the sophomore seminar class we begin to develop our own research interests and select a faculty mentor who we will collaborate with throughout the research process. Junior year we submit our project proposals and begin reading to gather background research for our project. The junior year seminar concludes with a poster session in which we present our initial research to second-year fellows.

While my question has changed a lot throughout the past two years, with the guidance of my faculty mentor, I have finally settled on a research topic that I am excited to pursue. My research will examine communications preferences of faculty (email, texting, home phone, Skype, etc.) and how these methods affect student outcomes like retention, class attendance, and academic achievement. In addition to the research opportunities, Elon College Fellows also receive a $1000 study abroad grant. Last Winter Term I used my grant for a month-long study abroad program in India. In India we traveled throughout the three southernmost states teaching in schools and engaging with the communities. For the last three days of the trip we traveled to Northern India to experience the culture in New Delhi and Agra, and of course see the Taj Mahal! Overall, the Elon College Fellows program has enabled me to take full advantage of my time at Elon.

-Kelley Dodge ’16


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Communication Fellows

After months and months of touring and online researching, my mom and I had been highly encouraged to look at Elon University for its communication school. We decided that because so many people were begging us to check it out that we needed to give it a try.

We toured on October 28,2011–a day that started the first day of my Elon career.

I fell in love with Elon: The location, small classroom environment, architecture, the television studios, collaboration of students and faculty, and finally the opportunity to be a part of a cohort of students who, even before coming to campus, were focused and driven about excelling inside and outside the classroom in the realm of communications.

I applied to be a Communications Fellow and I consider it to be one of the best decisions I’ve made as an Elon student.

I, along with my fellow 2012 Communications Fellows, come from all backgrounds and each come to campus with different dreams and passions but we are all united in the fact that we want to be leaders both on and off campus in the communications field.

Among the components and opportunities that come with being an Elon Communications Fellows are the opportunities to take classes together and take educational trips to learn more about the media markets in major American cities.

My first day walking into COM 100 was the first time in my life I didn’t feel like the oddball in the room. The room was filled with young men and women who too loved journalism, news, writing, current events and most importantly shared my dream of impacting the realm of professional communications.

As mentioned above, as Comm Fellow I have gotten the chance to travel to Atlanta and Orlando on an all expense paid learning experience in order to better learn about the news industry as well as meet and network with Elon alums and fellow Comm Fellows who are using what they learned as a part of being an Elon Comm Fellows program in their jobs and professions and want to give back to current students who are pursuing similar dreams.

Back on campus, being a Comm Fellow comes with certain expectations that I have chosen to exceed in order to set myself up to be the best communication student I can be thanks to the generous investment I have received from my professors, fellows and classmates.

I am a leader in student media by serving as an anchor and reporter for Elon Local News, Elon’s Emmy award winning news leader. Being a leader on campus through student media and in the classroom is both an expectation and an opportunity that all Comm Fellows strive to meet and exceed in order to better the program and the school as a whole.

Professors and faculty know that I along with my fellow fellows serious from the start of our first year about the field so they can come to us first about projects and opportunities on and off campus.

Moreover, through the experiential learning grant through the Fellows Program, I am able to study abroad with Elon. In January of 2015, I am studying abroad in Barbados in order to learn about the media, culture and sport of the island nation. Without this grant, I would not be able to have such an opportunity. I am so excited to learn more about the news industry in a completely new culture, which will make a better journalist and global citizen.

The greatest advantage of being an Elon Communications Fellow is found in the relationships that I share with my fellow fellows, staff, faculty and alumni.

-Meredith Stutz ’15

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Fellows Friday: Business Fellows

I still remember the first email I received as an Elon student. The director of our Business Fellows program sent us a message the summer before classes started saying, “Hope you guys are excited for your trip to Poland!!” Timeout. Poland? Needless to say I was surprised by the message, but I had no idea how exciting the adventure I was about to embark on would become.
The Business Fellows program at Elon’s Love School of Business is a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable business and professional development experience. From day one, students are introduced to leadership opportunities on campus and encouraged to challenge themselves academically and professionally. Business Fellows take two classes each semester as a cohort for the first two years of the program, which I believe helped our group grow strong friendships.

Each year of the Business Fellows program has a unique theme. Students spend their first year developing their teamwork and study skills through their classes and a first-year study abroad experience in Winter Term. Our class spent nine days in Krakow, Poland, but other recent groups traveled to Ukraine, Cuba, and Mexico. Our trip to Poland was an awesome opportunity to learn about Polish culture, history, and business. To this day, we all talk about our great memories on that trip.
During sophomore year, students focus more on professional development. We learned valuable skills such as resume writing, interviewing, and relationship building that are essential to success in business. During junior year, most students study abroad, many for a full semester. Our group of Fellows studied in Argentina, Singapore, Denmark, and China, just to name a few. I spent a three-week Winter Term traveling to Cuba and the Cayman Islands to study accounting and economics. We also traveled to New York City for a three-day weekend where we visited the New York Stock Exchange and major companies in accounting, finance, and marketing.

Finally, senior year students work in capstone projects. Finance, accounting, and economics majors invest a portion of Elon’s endowment in different stocks and mutual funds, while management, marketing, and entrepreneurship majors work with local businesses to develop marketing strategies and business plans. It’s essentially like having a full-time internship, which is really helpful during job searches.

Overall, my experience in the Fellows program has been fantastic. It’s a great program with great rewards for students who are willing to work hard and challenge themselves. I’ve made so many great friendships with fellow students in the program, and I encourage hard-working business students to apply and challenge themselves. Who knows, maybe you can travel to Poland as well.


Denis Dotson ’15

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A Day in the Life of an Elon University Student

A Day in the Life of an Elon University Student

Name: Elizabeth Chang
Year: Senior
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Major(s): Marketing, Art History
Minor: Professional Sales
Elon Experiences: Study Abroad (CIEE International Business & Culture Program in Seville, Spain in Fall 2013), Internships (Fine Art Carolina Marketing Intern, Art Works Studios & Galleries Event Management Intern), Leadership (Sigma Kappa Sorority’s Vice President of Philanthropic Service), Community Service
Campus Involvement: Elon University Tour Guide, Art History Department Ambassador, Sigma Kappa Sorority, Colleges Against Cancer Special Events Committee

TUESDAY, November 14th
8:30 AM Wake up, homework
9:30 AM Panhellenic Brunch
10:15 AM Walk to class
10:30 AM Art History Methodologies with Dr. Ringelberg
12:25 PM Sales Management with Dr. Gillespie
2:00 PM Lunch
2:20 PM Operations & Supply Chain Management with Dr. Horky
4:00 PM Special Events Committee Meeting with Colleges Against Cancer
5:00 PM Studying in the Great Hall
6:30 PM Dinner with friend
7:30 PM Frozen
10:00 PM Homework
11:30 PM Roommates & bed

I have three classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but only one on Mondays and Wednesdays, leaving those mornings free to work as a tour guide in the office of admissions. I woke up early this morning to finish the readings for my first class. I am an art history major so I have a lot of reading for my classes, but all of it is very interesting which makes the work worthwhile!

Today, my sorority sister Shelly and I walked to campus early to go to Delta Delta Delta’s Panhellenic Breakfast in the Moseley Student Center’s kitchen. Delta Delta Delta is one of the 12 sororities on campus. I belong to a different sorority, Sigma Kappa. Today, Delta Delta Delta hosted a brunch for the nine PHC sororities. It was a great way to mix and mingle with women from other sororities and I loved seeing some of my friends that I don’t get to see every week! I ran into my best friend Katie, who is in Phi Mu and studied abroad with me in Seville, Spain last fall, at the brunch. Catching up with her was a great start to my morning.


After the brunch, I walked to my first class, Art History Methodologies, in Powell House. My class has only seven students, including myself, and is currently my favorite class because of its small size. It is held in a small conference room where I get to discuss in detail with my classmates and professor the concepts associated with historical art research. I have learned a lot this year from this course and am excited to apply this knowledge next semester to my capstone Art History Senior Seminar class & research project.

My next class is across campus in the Koury Business Center. I am a double major and love the difference between my two disciplines. I recently declared a Professional Sales minor after taking a sales course last semester and falling in love with the subject. This semester I am taking Sales Management. In contrast to my art history class, there are about thirty students in this class and the course involves a lot of projects, case studies, and role plays.

My third class of the day, Operations & Supply Chain Management, is on the floor below my second class in the Koury Business Center. Usually between classes, I grab a quick coffee at Java City coffee shop in KOBC. This class is taught by my favorite professor, though the subject is not my favorite. Two of my good friends – my roommate Marie and my best friend Thomas – are in my class and sit on either side of me so that we can work together when we have projects or group discussion. Today, my professor brought the whole class donuts, which was a fun surprise!

After class, I ran back to the Moseley Student Center for a Colleges Against Cancer Special Events Committee meeting. Colleges Against Cancer is an organization that hosts Relay for Life in the spring to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The Special Events Committee plans smaller events year-round to fundraise and promote Relay for Life. Today, we discussed plans for upcoming profit shares with local restaurants, TriathELON, and a potential acoustic concert at a local bar.

After my meeting, I stopped by Global Commons, more specifically the great hall, to work on some of my homework. The Great Hall is a new study space for students that opened at the beginning of the school year.

Then, I met my good friend and fellow art history major, Bethany, for dinner in Lakeside, one of the main dining halls. Over curry chicken and mango flan, we discussed her current research. Bethany is a Lumen scholar, which is the most prestigious research scholarship given to students. She recently was informed that she will be one of a few undergraduate researchers to present at a prestigious research conference in Wisconsin in the Spring. She is a very dedicated student that I am lucky to call one of my closest friends.

After dinner, I met my roommates in the Performing Arts Center to attend Frozen, an adaption of a Tony award winning play about mental illness. My sorority sister, Morgan, who is a Communications and Theatrical Design and Production worked on Frozen for her senior thesis project & we all attended to support her hard work. The play was chilling and very well done. I have never been disappointed by a production that I have seen in the Performing Arts Center.

After such a busy day, I went home to finish up my homework, catch up with my roommates, and get ready for the next day!

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A Day in the Life: University Guide

Happy Friday everyone! We thought a fun, “day in the life” post would be a nice touch for this beautiful fall morning. Vaughn Vreeland is one of our university guides and he wanted to write a quick post on his favorite part of Elon – being a tour guide! Our university guides have one of the most important roles on campus – helping to show our prospective visitors how they can bELONg on campus and if they can see our campus as a potential home for the next stage in their lives. Without further ado…


I’ll be honest. I’m not a morning person. However Elon makes waking up easier each and every day. I live in a 115-year-old yellow historic landmark that sits on the edge of campus. When I go out on my porch on a brisk morning, I see the golden sunlight that pierces the ancient oak trees across the railroad tracks. As cheesy as it sounds, I’m reminded how fortunate I am to have that view.

Before I go to work I make a pit stop at the Oak House coffee shop. I guess you could say it’s become somewhat of a routine. My favorite baristas typically already have my drink made for me before I get to the front of the line. Coffee for me is like drinking from the fountain of youth.

I start work every morning at 8 a.m. No, I’m not a workaholic. I don’t have a particular thirst for money and I’m not clinically insane. I just love my job. Fatigue and stress go out the window when I walk through the solid oak entrance of the Office of Admissions. If I could be an Elon tour guide for the rest of my life, I would.

While campus visits are a large part of the job, it’s not everything we do for admissions. Every day I help prospective students a variety of ways to help better prepare them for the college application process. Whether it’s answering phone calls or sending out information packets, the guides have got you covered.

I’ve made my best friends working in the admissions office. I cannot imagine my time at Elon without those wacky memories of my guide family, without the help of admissions staff or, most importantly, without those who have been on tour with me. It’s you all who make this job worth it. I am able to put my passion into words when I communicate my Elon Experience. For me, this isn’t a “job.” I have the privilege of talking about what I love and allowing others to maybe one day share in that happiness as well. Go Phoenix!

Vaughn - guide

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College Coffee, One of Elon’s Beloved Traditions

I didn’t become a coffee drinker until I came to Elon, but I’ve certainly been making up for lost time ever since. Now, as a senior, coffee makes multiple appearances during my daily routine: I average about 3 cups per day, which happens to segue wonderfully into my favorite Elon tradition…

College Coffee happens every Tuesday morning, rain or shine, warm or cold, from 9:50-10:20: a gap in the day when no classes are in session. Every member of the Elon University community is invited to mingle while enjoying coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and various breakfast foods that rotate depending on the week (my personal favorite breakfast food offered at College Coffee is churos, but you’ll find that every student has a different preference). During the warmer months, College Coffee takes place on Phi Beta Kappa Commons, which overlooks our Academic Village. In the colder seasons, the weekly event alternates between the Moseley Student Center and the lobby of Koury Athletic Center. To keep up with each week’s location, students turn to the @CollegeCoffeeEU twitter account.

Not only is College Coffee a beloved Elon tradition by students like myself, but it also exemplifies the strong sense of community we have here on campus. It’s likely you’ll see the familiar faces of friends and professors on these Tuesday mornings, which is always a great way to start your morning. It’s also pretty common to spot President Lambert or Dr. House, as well as many other members of the Senior Staff who are also enjoying their coffee and speaking to students.

Powell - College CoffeeIt’s strong Elon traditions like College Coffee that I think make our university so special and that make Elon feel like home to so many students. College Coffee provides a consistently nice, consistent, atmosphere that everyone can look forward to each week of the school year. And on a personal note… free coffee is not something I’m willing to pass up at this point in my life, so you most certainly know where to find me every Tuesday morning.

Powell Mansfield ’15, Admissions Fall Intern (mmansfield2@elon.edu)

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So Long Ohio, Hello Pennsylvania.

We are now half-way through travel season, which means I have worked my way through some of the many great schools in Kentucky and Ohio. I was able to meet with some wonderful students and share with them the value of an Elon education. The part I enjoy most about the idea of travel season is being able to meet students on their turf. It allows me, and all of our counselors, the opportunity to see what life is like for the students whose applications we will begin reading in just a few short weeks. Perhaps the most fun, especially during my first travel season, has been exploring the many neighborhoods of the cities I have been able to visit. So here is a list of my favorite things I have seen over the past month (in no particular order):

1. Easton Towne Center
2. Graeter’s Ice Cream (I may have enjoyed this a little too much)
3. The windmill at Kenston High School
4. The tudor-style neighborhood of Mariemont
5. Hearing (and seeing) the spirit week themes for five different schools (coincidentally, all with the same school colors- Blue & White)
6. Claudia Saunder’s Dinner House (The original Kentucky Fried Chicken!)
7. A giant office building in the shape of a picnic basket (Columbus)
8. The “Squirrel City” sign at Columbus School for Girls
9. The easily negotiable I-71 that took me across the entire state of Ohio
10. The view from the top of the famed seven hills in Cincinnati- what an incredible view!

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone over the past month. I can’t wait to get to know you even better as the applications begin coming in with the Early Decision and Early Action deadlines coming up in just a few weeks. So get ready Pennsylvania, you have some pretty big shoes to fill.

– Ginny Oberle ’14  (Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania)




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Welcome to our Fall Admissions Intern!


I am happy to be writing to you as this semester’s Admissions Intern. My name is Powell Mansfield and I am a current senior here at Elon. I began working as a University Guide in June after I finished my first year and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed representing this University in my maroon polo since. As I complete my final year on campus, I am thrilled for the opportunity to enhance my role with Admissions this semester. I will be assisting with events and applications as well as giving Information Sessions.

I’m originally from Atlanta, GA, having attended Woodward Academy prior to Elon—Go War Eagles! I was heavily involved in theater throughout high school and was originally a BFA Acting major here on campus, but decided to go down a different route upon starting my first year. I currently have a major in Media Arts & Entertainment and a minor in French. I’m excited to pursue a career in the Entertainment industry upon graduation!

Powell Mansfield

On campus, I’ve worked with New Student Orientation as an Orientation Leader (OL) as well as a member of Head Staff—both were fantastic experiences. Being a leader for new students as well as for OL’s was something I really enjoyed.

I’m also heavily involved with Elon’s first a cappella group, Twisted Measure. I joined the group during the spring of my first year and it truly has shaped my college experience as a whole. I’m so lucky to be able to perform alongside some of the most talented people I know, not to mention my best friends. This past spring, we released our latest album, XV, which commemorates our 15th anniversary. Check out our website www.twistedmeasure.com and be sure to Like us on Facebook to find out when and where we’ll be performing this semester. :)

I spent the spring semester of my sophomore year studying abroad in Paris. The Isabella Cannon International Center for Global Education was such a great resource for me when I was planning my semester abroad in addition to being a huge help during my time abroad. I lived with a host family for four months, speaking only French to them and vice versa, in addition to taking classes at the Sorbonne with other university students from North Carolina schools. This past summer, I was in Los Angeles as a part of the Elon in LA Study USA program. I was one of 40 Elon students enrolled in the program, interning in the city as well as taking a class. The experience gave me a great view of how the professional entertainment world functions. In addition to interning, I also began pursuing my career in stand-up comedy. Thanks to two Elon alums, I was able to perform 3 times at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank as well as at The Comedy Store in Hollywood.

If you have any questions about the application process or about my specific Elon experiences, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at mmansfield2@elon.edu. Go Phoenix!

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Turning 21 Dinner: Another Elon Tradition

Elon University is known for its traditions.

The first-year class gets an acorn at Convocation, held the Saturday following move-in day. The graduating class receives baby oak saplings at commencement. President Leo Lambert invites the entire student body to his home for a holiday party every December. And every Tuesday morning faculty, staff and students get together for a free breakfast we call College Coffee. Elon is full of traditions. But there’s one tradition that often flies under the radar, and I must say, it’s one of my favorites: when you turn 21, Elon throws you a birthday party.

The Turning 21 Celebration is a special event hosted several times throughout the year. Students who have recently turned 21 are invited to attend a “fancy” dinner along with a guest, typically a staff or faculty mentor who has played a special role in the student’s Elon experience. For me, the question of who to invite was a no-brainer. I invited the very first professor I ever had in the School of Communications—Dr. Gaither. Dr. Gaither is a phenomenal professor whom students know very well and speak very highly of. I knew I would be honored to have him as my guest for the evening.

I heard from older students that Dr. Gaither goes all out for the Turning 21 dinners—and they were right! When I arrived to meet Dr. Gaither, he handed me a bouquet of flowers. We enjoyed a delicious meal alongside other pairs of students and their guests, listened to an excellent keynote speaker and at the end of the evening Dr. Gaither gave me a handwritten note thanking me for inviting him. Nicest of all, at the end of the note he had written that I was a shining star!

I don’t know what other university fosters professor-student relationships like this. The best thing is, Dr. Gaither isn’t the only professor I have a strong professional relationship with. There are several other professors in the School of Communications that I regularly meet with for coffee or lunch. Another favorite professor, Dr. Copeland, has shared a meal with me and a few other students at least eight or nine times over the years. He’s taken us to lunch so many times; we recently all pulled together to take him out to a nice Italian dinner.

Here at Elon, professors know your name, they care, and sometimes, they even come to your birthday party.

-Katy Steele ’14

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Carrying My Passion for Soccer into College: How I did it with Club Sports

As is the “Elon way,” I have been involved in quite a few clubs and organizations since my freshman year- some of them volunteer, some academic, and some purely for fun (my intramural laser tag team is headed to the playoffs next week- undefeated). There were times when this was overwhelming and other times when I was looking for more. I finally found the balance my junior year after joining the women’s club soccer team.

I played soccer on all levels from the time I was five to my senior year of high school. However, I decided early in high school, probably my freshman or sophomore year, soccer was not something I wanted to pursue at a varsity level in college (but let’s be real, I think my 10:00 minute mile determined that for me). So when I got to campus I had a strategy in mind. I would join a few organizations at the “OrgFair,” play some intramurals, focus on academics and see where I wanted to spend my time. I am sure many of you find yourself in the same situation- seeing college as a time to start a new adventure but wondering what will happen to that passion you’ve had for so long. For my first two years at Elon, I played intramural soccer (AND LASER TAG) and figured that was a good enough to satisfy my soccer craving. But it just wasn’t enough. My junior year at Elon I decided I needed the get back into it— I emailed the club soccer presidents, signed up at org fair, and showed up to the first practice. We practice three days a week, and have games roughly every other weekend. We play UNC-Chapel Hill, High Point, Davidson, UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Wilmington, and we will head to a tournament in Asheville in just a couple weeks. The competition is good but the people are better! Joining a team like this is a great way to meet people of different years, majors, and backgrounds. Some people have found that they played against each other in a travel league, or for some it’s their first time giving it a go.

I have friends that have tried new sports (Women’s Rugby) and some that have led their teams to D-III nationals (Women’s Frisbee). I would encourage everyone to take a look at club sports when you get to campus, or even when you are here visiting for an event weekend. Whether you’ve been playing a sport your whole life or think that it might be something to round out that Elon experience, it’s well worth the time.

Ginny with Club Soccer Team

Ginny Oberle ’14, is a current admissions intern in our office and wrote the post above. This is a picture of Ginny with her club soccer team! 

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