Pulling the plug

Since the survey went “live” on December 1, 2012 the response has been extraordinarily good.  To date there have been 8,207 people that responded to the survey representing over 65 nations and every state in the US.  In 2008 I worked with Brother Richard on a similar survey that was live for three months and generated almost exactly the same number of responses.

Although we have generated an enormous amount of data -thanks to everyone that participated!- I have continued to keep the survey live because there are feelers (email messages describing the survey and other back channel efforts) out to non-believer groups in India, the UK and the Middle East and elsewhere with the hope being that we might get a flurry of responses from this or that nation that, ultimately, the data from which could be of service both to the the organizers and leaders in those nations and to those who hope to bring progress to international cooperation among and between organizations.

So, here we are in mid-January with about 20-40 responses per day, and I am considering pulling the plug, i.e., deactivating the survey.  So, if you know anyone or any organizational leader/blogger, etc. that might see some utility in rallying some additional responses, especially outside of the United States, now is the time.

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