Smartphones and Communication: Additional Resources

The “mere presence” hypothesis: Investigating the nonverbal effects of cell phone presence on conversation satisfaction

This article discusses the results of an experiment regarding the presence of a cell phone during a face-to-face conversation.

“Technoference”: The Interference of Technology in Couple Relationships and Implications for Women’s Personal and Relational Well-Being

In this article, the authors discuss how smartphones and other technology play a role in romantic relationships today.

Neglect in Human Communication: Quantifying the Cost of Cell-Phone Interruptions in Face to Face Dialogs

This study discusses how satisfaction of a conversation is affected by the presence of a cell phone.

Edging Out of the Nest: Emerging Adults’ Use of Smartphones in Maintaining and Transforming Family Relationships.

This article discusses how smartphones are actually making our relationships closer.

How Your Smartphone is Ruining Your Relationship

This article discusses the negative effects of using a smartphone instead of prioritizing your relationships.

Undergraduates’ text messaging language and literacy skills

This study demonstrates the effect colloquial “phone talk” has on how much people pay attention to detail in conversations.

The Effects of Visual Attention Span and Phonological Decoding in Reading Comprehension in Dyslexia: A Path Analysis

This study shows the correlation between spending time in front of screens and dyslexia, as well as decreased comprehension of manners and other social cues.

Science in Our World: Certainty and Controversy.

This analytical article reviews the effect increased smartphone usage has on the attention span of college students, and how it starts from a younger age.

Digital Media Use and Social Engagement: How Social Media and Smartphone Use Influence Social Activities of College Students.

This study provides insight into how smartphones influence the social behavior of college students, most notably through their social media posts and chosen activities.

The iPhone Effect: The Quality of In-Person Social Interactions in the Presence of Mobile Devices.

This study was conducted to determine the role that smartphones and phubbing have in terms of conversation quality, proving that distracted listening makes for unsatisfactory conversations.

Pew Research Center’s mobile fact sheet

This link contains interesting and relevant information about smartphone and social media usage.

Smartphones make communication easier, not necessarily better.

This article contains a first-hand account of the effects of smartphone usage on communication from an average person’s point of view.