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May 10 2018

Take Pride in Authenticity

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Disney Pixar’s Coco, directed by Adrian Molina and Lee Unkrich, follows the story of a young boy named Miguel who seeks to find out information on his family’s history. Miguel, who is voiced by Anthony Gonzalez, has a passion for playing music and becoming the next icon musician. However, his family has passed down a ban on playing music due to his great-grandfather running off to pursue his dreams as a musician leaving his family behind. This movie is set in a rural part of Mexico, portraying traditional mexican housing and everyday life. Even though this a Disney Pixar movie, the producers of the movie went very far into researching and using actual people from that area in Mexico to create this movie. It was not just another Disney movie with an “exotic background” where the movie is created off assumptions made by the United States for that region.

From United States perspective we would expect to see in Mexico low-class income, sombreros, and a variety of colorful traditions. This movie really felt like the producers took the time to get to know the country and everyday struggles faced by the people that lived there. The director of this film, Adrian Molina is a mexican american with family ties back in Mexico. The extra effort that went into this movie really gained appeal by the Mexican audience due to the accurate representation of their culture. After reading many reviews from viewers that come from a mexican background, they each expressed a sense of pride. In that their true culture was being brought to the spotlight and not just glamified for the American audience to watch.