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Blog 11 SHROP POST “Final Credits”

Well we’ve spent three weeks with heroes of all shapes and sizes…  which were your favorites?  And why? Blog about that.Were there heroes we didn’t get a chance to discuss?  Which ones would you have liked to see added to the core (required) readings/viewings? Also, go back to your very first blog post and read about the hero you discussed there.  … Continue Reading

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XC Blog SHROP POST “MLK in the world today”

We did not have class today (Monday) in national remembrance of this great man and his achievements.  in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.  King’s letter from a Birmingham jail, in addition to some of his most prominent speeches (videos) are posted in Moodle as required reading/viewing and (due to our film schedule) we will discuss them in class on … Continue Reading

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BLOG 10 SHROP POST “sacrificies”

Due by midnight Sun Jan 20 Heroes of all kinds (epic, tragic, anti, reluctant, …) often find that sacrifice is a necessary part of accomplishing great deeds. We see them sacrifice pride, money, family, love, health, faith, even their own lives in the name of furthering or accomplishing something they have deemed ultimately more valuable than the thing being sacrificed.  Sometimes it’s easy to … Continue Reading

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Blog 9 SHROP POST (Jan 16-17) Kings & Leaders

“Kings and Leaders” – DUE by midnight JAN 17 You have two days to complete this blog, as it may take some time, both to review the posts of others as well as research and post your own article. Protests of injustice and those who lead them come in many shapes and forms. Post in your blog about a protest … Continue Reading

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Blog 8 (Jan 15) SHROP POST Terrorists? Outlaws? Justice?

Terrorism is often defined (and for the purposes of this blog) as the systematic use of terror and fear, especially as a means of coercion. Justice has as synonyms: fairness – equity – right – righteousness – justness.  How can these be manipulated? interpreted? applied? Let’s consider these concepts and the (often blurry lines) between the “good guys” or the … Continue Reading

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Blog 7 SHROP POST (Soldiers Jan 14)

Blog 7 is our “soldier blog” . I want you to blog about your thoughts and ideas about soldiers as heroes and reply to posts of others.  I want you to do some preliminary research and find a story about a military hero (alive or dead, any U.S. engagement) and post a summary of the story (1-2 PRGs) that includes … Continue Reading

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Shrop as Student (Blog 6) C is for Chancellor Sutler

If I were a student, I think my post would look something like this: “~ Tonight, I will speak directly to these people and make the situation perfectly clear to them. The security of this nation depends on complete and total compliance. Tonight, any protestor, any instigator, or agitator will BE MADE EXAMPLE OF!~”  – – Chancellor Sutler This is … Continue Reading

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Blog 6 SHROP POST (Jan 11-13)

Since we let out a bit early today (my DVD version is obviously not the extended 2hr 50 min one) I am going to expand the blog for today BUT ALSO give you until midnight SUNDAY to complete it. The film is PACKED with outstanding dialogue that serves to develop both the character of V and those who have, impacted … Continue Reading

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For Thursday night’s blog (Jan 10) I want to you to review the Unit 2 film readings and class discussion regarding character and narrative development, and choose your favorite film character. Think about the character in specific terms (values, actions, behaviors) and write a brief character analysis.  This character does not have to be a hero and does not have … Continue Reading

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SHROP POST blog4 (Jan 8-9) Saxon or Saint?

Time to choose!  Was Beowulf a pagan or a christian?  Are you Team Saxon? or Team Saint? Choose a side and offer a single piece of evidence from the text for your assertion – but do NOT repeat the evidence offered by another classmate.  Post early and post wisely! You will have extra time on this one to consider the posts … Continue Reading

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