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benjaminsummers post 11

My favorite hero that we have discusses is V from V for Vendetta.  I like how he has a very unique set of skills that he applies to a just cause.  He uses some fighting skills only when he really needs to, he prefers to use his mind to fight against the oppressive government.  He is intelligent and he knows … Continue Reading

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benjaminsummers post 10

V in V for Vendetta sacrifices many things.  He went through a lot of mental and physical pain to become what he was.  Some of this pain was his own choice but he was put through a lot of it by other people.  Once V escapes from the facility he devotes the rest of his life to destroying the oppressive … Continue Reading

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benjaminsummers post 9

One of the more recent protests that came to mine was the Occupy Wall Street protest.  The people who played a part in this protest believe that the current economy was treating them unjustly.  The protest was against economic inequality and corporate greed.  The movement began in September and I think is still going, but with much less media coverage … Continue Reading

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benjaminsummers post 8

When trying to understand if a person is a terrorist, you need to understand the perspective.  V from V for Vendetta and William Wallace from BraveHeart are great examples of this. V is directly called a terrorist by his government multiple times.  The government uses many types of propaganda against V and labeling him as a terrorist is one of … Continue Reading

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benjaminsummers post 7 I consider any person who goes to war for their country to be a hero, but one that stands out is Sgt. Thomas R. Macpherson.  He died in Afghanistan in a heavy firefight while leading and attack on an enemy position.  Sgt. Thomas R. Macpherson was a Ranger in the United States army.  He had previously served one deployment … Continue Reading

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benjaminsummers post 6

C is for Coincidence Throughout the entire film V constantly says that there are no coincidences, but everyone else always thinks that something that happens is just a coincidence.  V is often the cause of the chain of events that people perceived to be coincidences.  As the move progresses many people, for example the inspector, believe that what is happening … Continue Reading

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benjaminsummers blog 5

My favorite movie character is James Edwards from Men In Black, who is played by Will Smith.  In this movie, James Edwards becomes an agent in a secret government organization that helps aliens live among humans on Earth.  To do this James Edwards must throw away the life he knows and adopt a completely new one.  Part of this is … Continue Reading

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benjaminsummers post 4

Although both sides can be argued for Beowulf being Christian or Pagan, I believe that Beowulf is Christian.  I belive this because during the battle with the dragon Beofulf says “While the heat yet rageth, horrible fire-fight. God wot in me, ’tis mickle the liefer”.  This says that during the battle Beowulf felt God was in him, which gave him … Continue Reading

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Reading The Code of Chivalry and The Rules of Courtly love, it becomes clear that it is not possible to completely follow all of the rules.  The rules become more like guidelines for a knight to follow.  Also, there are so many contradicting rules that it allows for a knight to justify what he is doing, as long as it … Continue Reading

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benjaminsummers post 2

I think a good example of an epic hero is Shrek.  As an ogre Shrek is unique, which is something that he takes pride in.  Because Shrek is an ogre he has exceptional strength compared to an average person.  Also, Shrek certainly has a monomyth.  He begins his journey by going to the king in order to get his swamp … Continue Reading

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