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Arhine Final Credits

  In class, we discussed many different types of heroes such as epic, tragic, folk, anti, reluctant, and cultural heroes through literature and film. Out of the heroes though my favorite was anti-hero V from the film V for Vendetta. V is a mysterious character that is always lurking in the shadows committing crimes throughout Great Britain to show the … Continue Reading

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Arhine XC Blog

Martin Luther King Jr. was an American clergyman, activist, and leader of African American Civil Rights Movement. He is a well-respected man that has done a lot for our country, which is why Americans celebrate his accomplishments on the third Monday of January each year around his birthday on January 15. Martin Luther King Jr.’s phenomenal public speaking abilities played … Continue Reading

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Arhine Blog 10

Sir Gawain from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a noble knight that follows the rules and regulations that is instilled in him from the Edicts of courtly love and chivalry. At the beginning of the novel Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, King Arthur and his knights are having a extravagant feast during the Christian holiday Christmas. While … Continue Reading

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Arhine Blog 9

In United States, we live in a democracy. A democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. One of the most important attributes of democracy is the freedom of speech allowing citizens to vocalize their political right to communicate one’s views and ideas. Often times this … Continue Reading

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Arhine blog 8

  A terrorist is often viewed as the “bad guys” because they go against the law using violent acts to scare their opponents. With that said, many times it is hard to distinguish who is the “bad guy” and who is the “good guy” at times because while a terrorist may arm others, they are also fighting for what they … Continue Reading

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Arhine Blog 7

I believe that all United States of America’s soldiers in the armed forces are heroes. They take a huge leap of faith risking their lives enlisting and potentially going to the war. They fight of our country for those who are unable to such as children of people with disabilities causing them to physically be incapable of surviving a war. … Continue Reading

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Arhine Blog 6

S is for Secretive “I know you may never forgive me… but nor will you understand how hard it was for me to do what I did. Every day I saw in myself everything you see in me now. Every day I wanted to end it, but each time you refused to give in, I knew I couldn’t.” V Evey’s … Continue Reading

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Arhine Blog 5

Jody Sawyer, as portrayed by Amanda Schull in the 2000 film Center Stage, is my favorite film character. The narration of the film begins with Jody’s audition for the American Ballet Academy of education to try and accomplish her dream of being apart of the American Ballet Academy Dance Company. Thousands of dancers from across the world attend this audition … Continue Reading

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Arhine Blog 4

Beowulf was written based of the Anglo-Saxon principles and perceptions. This long epic poem uses both Christian and pagan elements throughout the story. Intentionally I saw this poem at a pagan story, however I think the story is mainly constructed from Christian traditions. There are many references to God or “the Almighty”. For example in the beginning it states “He … Continue Reading

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Arhine Blog 3

A great hero theoretically should abide by the rules they are given, but generally speaking that is not always the case as we discussed at the end of class and. In King Arthur’s time period there was a lot of rules enforced upon the heroes setting high standards for the knights that fought for King Arthur. However, these extreme ideals … Continue Reading

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