BLOG 10 SHROP POST “sacrificies”

Due by midnight Sun Jan 20

Heroes of all kinds (epic, tragic, anti, reluctant, …) often find that sacrifice is a necessary part of accomplishing great deeds. We see them sacrifice pride, money, family, love, health, faith, even their own lives in the name of furthering or accomplishing something they have deemed ultimately more valuable than the thing being sacrificed.  Sometimes it’s easy to evaluate the acts of heroes and leaders, when rarely would we choose to walk a day in their shoes. This blog will focus on those heroes who’ve made great sacrifices.

I’ve posted additional links to sites and videos in Unit Three that I want to you to peruse/watch.  Choose a hero who has sacrificed in the films/literature we’ve discussed in our class.  Then find make an original analogy that compares it to another hero who is NOT in the mandatory curriculum.

For EXAMPLE: If I were a student posting, I would make a connection between Ghandi and Patrick Henry. (I’ll use him since we won’t watch this film until our next class meeting.) Ghandi was honest with Indian people about what would happen to those who defied unjust laws; he told those who agreed with him that protestors would be jailed, tortured, beaten, starved, oppressed.  But he insisted that these sacrifices were worth it. “They may torture my body, break my bones, they may even kill me.  Then they will have my dead body, but not my obedience” (Ghandi) American patriots fought against that same crown 100 years before Ghandi for their independence.  A famous patriot in this history, Patrick Henry, is often quoted as saying, as inspiration, “Give Me Liberty or Give me Death”. He was quickly granted the latter, of course, securing him as a martyr for his cause.  Both men were considered radicals and very dangerous men in their respective times. Is being considered crazy by your contemporaries sometimes and criteria for being a hero? I would include here details about Henry and perhaps a video link or an image like this:

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