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I will always place the mission first

I will never accept defeat

I will never quit

I will never leave a fallen comrade


These are the four tenets which comprise the United States Army Warrior Ethos. These ideals are pounded into the head of every American soldier throughout his or her career. Often times soldiers can be considered heroes simply due to the high expectations set upon them. From these ideals come the stories of men and women who rise above the call of duty, putting themselves in harms way, to ensure the safety of another. Once such soldier is former Staff Sergeant Giunta.

In 2007, then a specialist, Sergeant Giunta was returning to base with his platoon after pulling security on a ridge for the entire day. The platoon came under fire as insurgents attacked from the front, causing the U.S. forces to scatter for cover. As members of Alpha team in point fell to the fire, Bravo team found cover in lower ground, where they soon discovered fire was coming from their flank as well. Sergeant Giunta, from cover, saw one of the fallen members of Alpha team being dragged away by two insurgents. Giunta ran from cover and chased the men, killing one, while the other fled. Sergeant Giunta successfully dragged his fallen comrade back to behind cover while they awaited reinforcements. Sergeant Giunta clearly put his own life in danger to save his friend, perfectly exemplifying the tenet of never leave a fallen comrade.

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    Great story I love how you included the four tenets. They made me think though. What if a group of terrorists believed in the same four tenets. They could use them for bad instead of the justice like the men in your story did.

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