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M is for Morality:

In the movie V for Vendetta it is not easy to identify who the good guys and the bad guys are. At first many may say it seems pretty straightforward as V battles the fascist regime in order to free the people. This seems like a classic good vs. evil story, yet upon closer inspection there are areas that become gray. For this reason I choose M to represent Morality. The movie is set up to intentionally question the morality between the characters.

This quote really examines one’s moral uncertainty, a common theme throughout the movie. The film director set’s up many gray areas between the characters to show life is not black and white. In every hero we identify very really can there be a clear-cut hero with out any flaws. For example, in the movie V can be seen as a hero as he fights for freedom. He represents everything you should want in a character, but examine how he fights. He kills guilty and innocent people alike, and even kills the guilty people the same regardless of their remorse. Although V saves Evey from the secret police, he essentially controls her and influences her to see things the way he does. The members of the Norsefire are depicted in displaying some of the highest values and qualities. Eric Finch is a high ranking member of the government who makes it his quest to hunt down and kill V. While killing is an unjust act, he believes he is doing this action for the right reason. His morals tend to differ from V’s but they both have similar views in helping their country. In my eyes the movie does a great job in pointing out the flaws in everyone. While V battles the fascist regime in the hopes of freedom, he does present some guilty actions that often seem questionable. We’re all ruled and driven with our values, and they are constantly in confliction with one another.

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